The Apt. 11D Chicken Stew Recipe

chicken stew

As much as I love going out to restaurants, the prices are completely insane right now. So, we’re trying to be more thoughtful about our dining out experiences and cooking more at home. Last night, I made chicken stew for five with a full night of leftovers. Less than $20.

Like meatball, a chicken stew is a basic meal that can be changed up frequently..

chicken stew
chicken stew

8 thoughts on “The Apt. 11D Chicken Stew Recipe

  1. Love leeks in chicken stew.
    Turnips not a big vegetable in NZ.(more often used as stock food, than for people). You can find them, but not on most people’s shopping lists.
    We usually use potatoes – which absorb the flavour and are utterly delicious. Standard irish spuds, rather than sweet potatoes (called kumara, here).


  2. I still have some leftovers. So I’m adding frozen peas and corn and fresh tarragon and then baking in all in casserole dish with a layer of the mashed potatoes on top. Shepherds pie. Side of salad and garlic bread. Five minutes of prep. 1/2 hour in oven. I made $20 feed 4 people for three days.


    1. Do they all eat it? and all the parts? I find that one of our characteristics (and, I don’t think we’re going to change) is how specific we are all about what we want to eat (and that includes me, in fact, I might be one of the worst).

      As with home design (and organizing and other lifestyle advice), I’m always interested in how the models work in practice.

      I sometimes try to give photography advice to people and then realize that my methods can sometimes be idiosyncratically specific to me, and, also, that though I call myself an amateur and imagine that others should be able to to do what I do without much effort, that there’s actually a lot of base learning and planning that’s gone into what I do. Now, I’ve realized that unless someone wants photography to be a hobby and activity, they’re better off learning to use the camera on their phone (and even that is a stretch for some of them).


  3. Yup. They all eat it. I only cook things that everyone will eat.

    I actually have enough for another meal of chicken stew. Tonight, I’m changing up the flavor profile with a lot of tarragon. I’m taking the chicken off the bone and adding frozen peas and corn. Then I’m adding the top layer of mashed potatoes. Dot with butter. And bake at 350 for 30 minutes. With a side of garlic bread and salad. I have to do all this quickly, because I have to drive Ian to a tutor at 6:15. Steve and Jonah will help themselves when they get back from work.

    This meal cost about $20 and it equaled 12 meals, which would have cost $500 in a restaurant. We’ll use those saving in Italy this summer.

    Our travel agent is getting a great deals right now. Check out this hotel in Florence…

    So excited!


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