Weekend of Food and Care

Steve and I planned on doing nothing this weekend. We’re really tired after a long summer with insufficient support for the autistic kid and with the return of his dramatic older brother. 20-year olds should not be living with their parents. Sometimes the chaos is fun. Other times, I would like to zip myself into a canvas tent in the deep woods and not talk to another human being for two years.

Maybe that solitude will happen this week when people return to school, college, and work, but it didn’t happen over our Labor Day weekend. Although we planned on solitude, it didn’t happen. We met family for Friday night happy hour at the local pub. Then, a friend’s son was involved in a terrible accident, so I made her family a full meal (baked ziti with fresh spinach, sausage/peppers/onions, chopped salad, garlic bread) and brought it over to her house on Saturday. Did I really need to make that marinara sauce in the baked zit from scratch? Probably not, but I did it anyway.

OThen on Sunday, I decided that I wanted to be the type of person who brings a really awesome bundt cake to a party. Bundt cake makers are highly evolved and cultured. But do I know how make a bundt cake? No I do not. Do I even enjoy baking? Not particularly. But I was a woman on a mission, so I googled “bundt cake recipe” and found one that included the word “bourbon.” Sold! Steve and I mixed, measured, and baked for three hours. It was a really great cake though, and was a big hit at Sunday night’s dinner party. I would do it again. Recipe: Apple Bourbon Bundt Cake

On Monday, I made a tomato salad to my folks’ house for dinner. That was super easy. I just chopped up some beautiful multicolored tomatoes from the farmers market. Then added half a chopped cucumber, sliced red onion, parsley from the garden, feta, and salad dressing. No pictures.

Objectively, I know that all this activity is a blessing. We’re so lucky to have friends and family around us. But perhaps there is a little room in the backyard for a She-Shed.