The Weekend in Orlando: Visiting Different Worlds With a Noon Cocktail Ain’t Bad

With rolls of tattooed, hairy flesh spilling over inner tubes, families and young people were swept through a faux Hawaiian jungle on the fast moving current of a not-so-lazy river. I was there with them. And I had a marvelous time, thank you very much. 

Volcano Bay, the water park where I alternated between floating on a tube and drinking Pina Coladas, was part of the massive Universal Studios Orlando. With 541 acres of rides, shows, and experiences, Universal pulls in 22 million customers every year. Visitors stroll down the streets of Hogsmead and Diagon Alley from Harry Potter, take 3D rides that put them in the middle of a chase between Potter and Voldemort, guzzle Butterbeer at English taverns (it’s gross). 

We visited at Universal, because our neuro-spicy son turned 21. He might be able to build his own computer, but he’s still enjoys attractions like this. Which is actually delightful. He loved everything, and, unlike his older brother, is perfectly happy to hang out with his old parents. Walking the streets of fake Harry Potter land, he smiled at the Aspie girls walking down the streets in wizard robes and wands. 

If we were didn’t have a son who still appreciated amusement parks, would we have been there? Absolutely not. We’re taking our preferred vacation in June to Italy to go wine tasting and visit the Uffizi gallery. Yet, we still had a great time riding rides and people watching.

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