More on Meatballs

Here’s my meatball recipe. Click to expand.

It’s been one of those weeks. Lots of work, all bring in the money, but little time to chill and write chatty blog posts. I hope to finish off one project on Sunday, so things should ease up a bit for a few weeks.

It’s cold as hell around here, so we’re going to be sheltering in place this weekend. We’re meeting some friends at the local dive pub in an hour, and then have dinner plans at an Italian place along the Hudson on Saturday. The goal will be to get from car to the inside of the restaurant as quickly as possible.

Hope you all have great weekend plans! And that the cold snap isn’t too terrible!


4 thoughts on “More on Meatballs

  1. That’s basically what I do, without the hot pepper flakes (though that’s in the sauce sometimes). Cooking meat in the sauce is something I learned from grandma.


  2. Your meatball recipe is VERY close to the Italian Meat Ball recipe in the 1946 edition of The Joy of Cooking, given to my grandmother by my mother that year., The Joy of Cooking of that era was not too good on ethnic recipes, but this one is great.


  3. Yeah. It’s good. This recipe is a tinkered version of a Mark Bittman/NYT recipe. He only uses beef, not the “meatball mix.” My mom’s method is similar, but her tradition recipe uses the milk soaked bread method; I prefer the bread crumb shortcut.

    I actually had not made meatballs in a year. Even though I was rusty, this recipe worked like a charm.


  4. Made köfte (Turkish/Caucasus meatballs) last night. Out with the cayenne and parmesan, in with cumin, chili flakes and (magic ingredient) cinnamon. Less salt, garlic to whatever aesthetically pleasing degree. They’re smaller than the size you mention, and I used about half as much meat so roughly double the concentration of the seasonings. Dipping the finished ones in something like tzatziki is also nice.

    I had also never rolled meatball-things in flour before I saw the idea come up on 11D, so thank you all for that improvement!


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