We Need More Women on School Boards: Conquering The Second Shift, the Learning Curve, and Finances

As a parent with two kids, with one with special needs, a husband with an intense job, and my own work commitments, I know how to juggle. On a typical week, I’m driving Ian to speech therapy, figuring out the dinner menu, and scheduling interviews for an article. Sometimes at the same time. 

This month, things became even crazier because I’m leaving journalism and running for political office. And at the same time, I’m transitioning Ian to the adult disability system. It’s been two weeks of paperwork and new lingo. My brain hurts. 

The next step for all the women, who became politicized due to school closures during Covid, is running for office. While women have significant skills and knowledge that be utilized in campaigns, they must learn how to handle Second Shift responsibilities, conquer the legal learning curve, and raise money. It’s all doable though. I am doing it.

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