Friday Randomness

I am working on an article this week, which took a sharp left turn. I started writing about a small problem. I did a bunch of interviews, and the information took me into a whole new area.  It’s like I’ve been writing about tigers for years and suddenly realized that tigers have morphed into turtles. I’m not sure what to do with the information. Sit on it and write the little article? Write it all up now? Who should I tell about this? Do I really have the right story?  I spent more time thinking than writing this week.

Did you know that there aren’t any organizations or groups, with real power or visibility, that represent the interests of college students?

Luckily, we can afford for me to waste time thinking and not constantly churning out words for dollars, like most writers today. Still, one does have to actually produce something eventually. So, I’m shutting down all distractions for the morning and producing a rough draft, even if it is triple the size of a normal article. I’ll divide it up later.

Does anybody feel a little sorry for Al Franken?

Check out Harry’s post on 529s at Crooked Timber?



Wedding Cakes, Business, and Minority Groups

About 1 this afternoon, I pulled myself away from my book and went to the running trails to work off some steam. I have a ridiculous amount of work including one article that I think is a home-run. So, I shouldn’t have wasted a morning with the book. It’s just that I was very, very upset.

I needed a really fast, hard run, which usually calls for some very nasty pop music on the headphones. I think I was too upset even for Beyoncé. I wanted some angry news. I put on the New York Times podcast and got lost in the discussion about same sex marriages and that wedding cake guy.

It was a good debate. One side is humiliated and fears a slippery slope, and the other side demands the right to self expression.

I do suspect that both sides were hired by opposing groups and aren’t really aggrieved parties. Because who would buy a cake from someone who hates you. Spit happens.

Also, the podcast didn’t discuss the fact that all businesses discriminate. The GAP discriminates against obese people by not carrying sizes about a 12. Running stores discriminate against special needs people when they don’t carry sneakers with velcro. And public schools discriminate against special needs people.

Our school district hired an auditor to look at our town’s special education program. Now, it shouldn’t matter to me all that much because my son now attends another public school, because I figured out how bad things were and got him moved. He’s doing great. But the report does matter to me because I really, really like special needs kids.

So, this report was devastating, but the auditors buried the findings. I printed out the 90 page report and pulled out all the bad things. And then went to the school board meeting, which is televised, and told them what the auditors found. The School Board members tried to distract me and buzz me away with a timer. I kept talking. I told them how they really shouldn’t house the special needs kids in a windowless basement classroom. The superintendent told me that it was okay because they provided the room with ventilation. Yes, he actually said that we should be happy because the kids were given oxygen.

Anyway, getting off topic here. The point is that the wedding cake story has larger implications. If wedding cake suppliers have to provide cakes for all, then does the GAP have to offer super large sizes, do sneaker stores need to accommodate people who can’t tie shoe laces, do schools need to provide a windowed classroom for all kids?

I hope so.

Gift Guide 2017 – Girlie Shit

My work-at-home uniform is a pair of skinny jeans, ankle boots, layers on top. If I go out, I’ll swap out the flannel shirt with something lacy.

Ankle boots are super important. Seychelles ankle boots are seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes that I have ever owned. I bought another pair last week; these ones will look good with a mini skirt. More good boots here, here, and here.

Lacy tops are easy. Ann Taylor has 50% off right now. I’m waiting for this one and this one to arrive in the mail.

I tried StitchFix this month. I was just alright. I’ll give it one more try.

Purses are important. I like crossbody bags and totes.

Jewelry this year has to be very, very simple and quality. No more big clunky jewelry from J. Crew or massive bracelets. It’s all very feminine right now. Long necklaces with very small gems like this one,  or bar necklaces like this one from Shinola or this one on Etsy. Longer pendants with a gem stones work, too.

And a good girlie romance novel? Something from Christine Milan — her characters are always super damaged, so it’s amusing — or Eloisa James — she’s an English professor, so it fits with the academic theme of this blog.

I’m loving this Zara coat.

.G0517_RD5677.jpegil_570xN.817764072_57ab.jpgScreen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.37.49 AM.png


The Perv Handbook

At 6:30 this morning, Steve and I were milling around the house. I put my hair back in a pony tail, filled up the water bottle for the gym, and set up Ian’s breakfast — bowl, cereal, juice, ADHD medicine. Ian wandered down at 6:45 and rearranged his breakfast spot, so all the items were in the correct location on the table. Like every morning, Steve’s put his oatmeal bowl in the sink, kissed me, and dashed out the door. I sat down for a minute and checked my e-mail on the iPad by the TV. All the while, the local news was on the TV, as it is every morning. We never really watch it, but it’s on, keeping us company.

At 7:00, the Today Show came on. I was in the living room looking out the window for Ian’s bus, when I heard a tearful Savanna Guthry in the background. I went into the TV room to see why she was upset. I thought someone important died.

No, it was just the news that Matt Lauer was canned for inappropriate work behavior. Another one.

Are all men in power scummy? I just don’t get it. They all seem to work from the same Perv Handbook.

Tip #1 — Surprise a co-worker as you are coming out of the shower rubbing your bare ass with a towel. They will think it is awesome. Uh, no they won’t. Especially when you are like 75 and have neck jowls hanging down to your navel.

Tip #2 — Women love it when you assault them. They like it way more than when you ask them out on a date. This one I don’t get. I assume that Matt Lauer did not need to forcibly grab a women. I imagine that he could have found a willing partner. There are plenty of women who wouldn’t even care that he is married. Why did he need to assault someone?

Tip #3 – Whip it out and surprise a co-worker. Even show her how it operates. She’ll love it and will thank you for this demonstration. It’s like a test drive of a new Mercedes. There is no woman who wants to be greeted by a surprise penis. Just telling, y’all.

Tip #4 — A pinch on the butt is fine way to start your day. Your women colleagues will appreciate the fact that you noticed their round bums. Leave our butts alone.

Gift Guide 2017 – Workout Gear

I go to the gym every morning. My commute is about 50 feet to my computer, so if I don’t work out, bad things happen. Not every day is super productive; today, I did a mile and a half while watching Oceans 11. But it’s better than nothing.

Here’s what I’m wearing and using:

Unknown.jpeg71ZjV1vN9-L._SX522_.jpgrunning pants.pngrunning jacket.png



Gift Guide 2017 – Random Things, Gadgets, and Whatnots #1

When doing Gift Guides, it always best to organize them by person or by purpose. But that’s not happening this year. Instead you are going to get a fried rice of gift guides – a little of this and a little of that throughout the week.

The other change this year is that the items are a bit more costly than usual. I’m starting to look more for investment pieces, rather than crap that lasts a year or two. We’ve got enough crap in our lives.

Alright, here are a few things that are for the dude of the house. I’m loving Thursday Boot Company boots; they are slightly edgy, but not too much. They look extremely solid.

Barbour coats are solid. And it helps that the guy from Outlander is one of the models.

You can’t go wrong with a Nike sweatshirt.

I just started Roddy Doyle’s Smile and can’t put it down. It’s a dude’s book.

Makers Mark baseball cap. Or better yet, a bottle.

Well, that was organized, wasn’t it? Alright, no more of that. Unknown.jpegbarbour.pngmakers_mark-300x300.jpgboots.png

Gift Guides 2017 – Intro

So, at this time every year, we (the royal we, because we here at Apt. 11D are making a subtle reference to Harry’s engagement) put forth the Gift Guides. You click on the Amazon links and purchase that  item or any item, and this blogger gets 8% of the purchase. Then, we goes out and buys some badass boots.

It’s tradition. And traditions must be observed. (I have been reading too many historical romance novels lately, because my crap insomnia wakes me up at 1am, which is too late for proper fiction.)

I’m not quite ready yet. So, check out previous years’ Gift Guides in the meantime.

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 7.29.15 AM.png