Chauvin and Floyd

Yesterday, a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty on three counts of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Because policing and race are not my policy areas, I don’t have anything new or different to add to the conversation. Justice was done, and hopefully reforms can be put in place to change police practices.

I’m curious how policing will be reformed around the country. I have no idea how you can send cops into situations where everyone is armed and then not expect that errors will happen from time to time. I have no idea how legislatures can pass laws about seatbelts and pot smoking and whatever, but then cops get in trouble when enforce those laws around petty crimes. I do suspect that cop training involves teaching them how to shoot their way out of a room, rather than deescalation and community relations, but, like I said, this isn’t my issue, so I’m going to shut up.

Talk if you have opinions.