SL 852

Sorry for the long gap in blogging service. Been super busy with Ian/disability parent work and career retooling — both of which are too boring to blog about. So just some links…

From Elaine Godfrey in The Atlantic — “About six months ago, a colleague asked me to guess what percentage of Americans were still working from home. I was still spending eight hours a day making calls just a few feet from my fridge. So were most of my friends. Maybe 40 percent? I guessed. I was off by half. Twenty-one percent of employed Americans were still teleworking as of March 2021; the other 79 percent were leaving their home like the old days.”

Will Prince Andrew finally get served with legal papers? The suspense is KILLING me. I have to say that I’m really glad that BritTwit has taught me the word, “NONCE,” as in Andrew is a big, fat NONCE.

Picture: How cute is my dad with his cheap oysters and beer? When he stayed with us at the rental beach house last week, we walked down the block for Happy Hour.