SL 843

About a week ago, the Hardie Plank dudes showed up and took the clothes off our house. Right now, the project is stalled; the siding guys haven’t shown up for two days. I was assured that they’ll be back tomorrow. Not a big deal, because the mess is all outside, but it would be good to get this project finished off.

I’m so glad that the media is paying attention to parent student loans. From Newsweek: “1 out of every 4 federal $ lent for undergraduate education last year went to parents and a stunning 22 percent of that $1.6 trillion in outstanding student debt, $336 billion in all, is held by people 50+”

I’m kinda obsessed with these vinyl floor mats with a vintage tile print.

Depressing COVID statistic of the day – life expectancy in the US dropped by 1.5 years.

Think that schools will stay open, full time this fall?

Tweeting about the latest in royal gossip.

Is Mastery-Based learning (Think SRA kits or Khan Academy) a solution to massive learning loss from COVID? I wrote about this movement back in 2018 for Edutopia.

I am currently FOUR separate apps for health and fitness. A friend just pushed me to join Strava, a social media running app. I may have reached my limit.

Some people want us to cover up learning loss in children. Fuck ’em. You can’t address a problem without identifying a problem.

Thomas Edsell said, “Many spatially talented adolescents may never approach their full potential due to a lack of opportunities to develop their skills. A great loss occurs at talent searches that identify intellectually precocious young adolescents.” So, it’s just awesome that we’re weakening the best public schools in New York for poor and lower income kids with talents in this area.

Picture Above: A lovely card from a stranger on Twitter.