Gift Guide 2020 #3 – Relaxation 101

Ever since this pandemic hit, I have not put any pressure on myself to publish articles. I’ve done a few here and there, but mostly, I’ve been doing mom-stuff, book selling, and long term projects. Magazine article writing has gotten more and more onerous over the years, with fewer places to publish, and more stress about deadlines. And with so many needs here at home, I didn’t have time for it anyway.

And I was supremely happy.

I have a couple things in the hopper right now – one high stress and one low stress. The high stress one might get ditched, because nobody is paying me enough money to be this stressed out. I write these articles for the GLORY, but after a while, you realize that GLORY is stupid.

So, now I’m going to give some gift and self-purchase ideas for just chilling out this winter. And we’re going to be doing a lot of that, until we all get vaccinated.

I’m into fuzzy clothes to lounge about on the sofa or to bundle up in for long walks in the snow. It’s all about comfort right now.

When I’m sitting on the sofa, doing my lounging thing, I plug in the electric kettle and make tea. I drink tea all afternoon actually, whether I’m lounging or stressing out about an article. In fact, I just plugged in the pot right now.

And when I’m snuggled up, I am binge-watching television shows, playing dumb games on my iPad, or reading silly books or the New Yorker.

Some people, I suppose, relax in the bathtub or do yoga, but I like tea and books and tv.