Is Autism a Superpower? Some yes, some no. But That Label Definitely Opens Doors.

For the past month, disability stuff has been very much in the background of our lives. Ian’s needs have been very minor; just some driving stuff in the evenings. His college classes are going really well, and he’s a favorite in his transition program. I finished all the paperwork for the state. 

Sometimes everything is okay, and the drama is low. Hallelujah. It’s freed up brain space for work, new tile for a bathroom renovation, and the itinerary for our summer trip to Italy. But low drama also lowers the fire in my belly, which fuels this disability newsletter. So, let me just jot down some quick thoughts on two recent studies that crossed my desk. 

In recent years, autism has been been reframed as a neurological difference, not a disability, which brings both gifts and challenges. Greta Thurnberg, the environmental activities, said that Asperger’s Syndrome is her super power. Acceptance of difference and inclusion are indeed laudable goals, so there’s much good in these messages.

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2 thoughts on “Is Autism a Superpower? Some yes, some no. But That Label Definitely Opens Doors.

  1. I follow a subreddit called r/Professors. It is astonishing the number of college faculty who describe themselves as autistic. The diagnosis seems to make them feel more comfortable about the difficulties they experience in life, so maybe it’s a good thing.


    1. I love that Ian has found teachers/supporters who find him a favorite. Everyone deserves that, a place where their talents and skills and contributions are appreciated (and every mom deserves to have her child appreciated, too!).


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