The Ghost of Christmas Past

Making Christmas Garlands From Vintage Thread and Memories – Last year I did a crafty project with spools of vintage thread.

This is the first large Christmas gathering for us in two years. In Dec. 2020 the extended family stayed home. December 2021, I got COVID the day a couple of days before Christmas Eve.

It’s a big deal here. We do all the little fishies. Lots of pictures in my archives.

I’ve scaled back a lot. I don’t do Christmas card notes anymore, and only do cards occasionally. I don’t send out boxes of cookies and treats to distract relatives. The kids get fewer gifts. One year, I would like to not do a family Christmas at all, and go to Italy or India or something.

Our living room looks the same as it has for many years in a row. Change is needed, I think.

4 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas Past

  1. Big smile.

    I love your nostalgia posts and your vintage thread garland. I wish you lots of joy in your gathering this year.

    One college kiddo has brought home guests and we have, somewhat unusually, snow. Since yesterday we’ve had snow, rain, and then a sudden burst of snow in the morning. I’m excited about the guests a bit sad that it hasn’t happened more often (which I had imagined, when kiddo first left for college before the pandemic).

    We have a Hanukkah meal (from a local deli) planned for Saturday (7th night is also Christmas Eve) and kiddo is off venturing into the snow in search of food and fun. Still planning Chinese for Christmas day.


  2. Oh, and sharing (maybe another) podcast from Anne Helen Petersen, on how to set boundaries as a free lancer: Anne talking to Wudan Yan.


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