Harry and Meghan Give Us Front Row Seats on Insanity: They’re Cashing In and Losing Everything at the Same Time

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” (Tolstoy, Anna Karanina) 

A glutton for punishment, I watched the last trilogy in the Netflix saga about Harry and Meghan alone in the television room yesterday. My husband mocked me briefly and ran out of the room. Then I settled in for three hours of pain. 

This last trilogy of the Harry and Meghan show gives us a close up view of a couple, who have a very loose relationship with reality and who have traded their closest relationships for money. From beginning to end, it is just plain sad.

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5 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan Give Us Front Row Seats on Insanity: They’re Cashing In and Losing Everything at the Same Time

  1. I haven’t watched it (life is too short to watch self-obsessed people justifying themselves). I don’t watch the Kardashians, either. And find hagiography to be deadly dull.

    My Mum OTOH – has avidly watched every minute of the documentary – and rings me up to discuss the ‘juicy’ bits of scandal.

    The things which stand out for me (from this second-hand presentation) are:

    * There is nothing new. Not one single piece of new ‘information’ has been presented in this ‘doco’. Not one new accusation (apart from William ‘shouting’ at Harry (gosh, darn, *that’s* an indictment!). Does this mean that they are tapped out on accusations? That further ‘victimhood’ is just going to be rehashes of the same-old same-old? That’s not going to attract much funding (just saying).

    * They still don’t seem to have caught on to the fact that people (not just the media) are fact-checking every word which comes out of their mouths. The mis-representations of the truth, mis-statements and just plain lies are adding up.

    * They really seem to believe their ‘truth’. And just get more and more bitter the more they’re challenged on it. They really do seem to be thoroughly insulated from reality (guess there’s no one left who is prepared to ‘speak truth to power’ – they’ve fired them all). There is no way for this to end well for H&M [NB: I laugh every time I see this abbreviation – it’s the name of a mid-brand clothing store in Europe – not exactly the company they’d want to be keeping]

    * The timing of the film footage is highly problematical for their storyline (no intent to sell their story until funding was cut off). Much of Megxit, and all of the ‘life-as-a-royal’, was well-before the decision was made to cut the funding. We’re left with 3 options: they’d always intended to monetize their story (and lied about it); these filmed sections pre-Megxit are ‘reconstructed’ (and they didn’t admit it in the doco – calling into question the ‘truth’ they’re purveying); they have a thoroughly bizarre habit of videoing, and inviting 3rd parties in to photograph, intimate moments in their lives on an ongoing basis – just in case they might need the images later. IMO it’s a mix of all three.

    * Isn’t it utterly bizarre, when the *whole point* of Megxit was to remove themselves from the media spotlight; they would release intimate images of themselves *and their children* in a money-making exercise.

    Commentators have been saying that *this* is the end point – there is no possibility of reconciliation with the Royal Family now. Actually, I think that the end point was the Oprah interview – but H&M didn’t realize it (because they are *right* and if they just keep saying so, the world will agree with them /sarc/).
    The RF have written them off, and are simply in damage-limitation mode (refusing to comment, carrying on with dignified ‘lives of service’ – I’ve noticed that theme coming out, and am sure it originated with the Palace PR). [NB: I’m just waiting for the off-the-cuff comment about not commenting on ‘fiction’ or coupling The Crown with the H&M doco]

    Hearing reports that they’ve been invited to the Coronation. Which, again, is excellent PR from Charles. Invitation proffered publicly (so he looks good – magnanimously extending an olive branch). No action on any of the ‘issues’ that H&M want resolved (nor will there be). No tame photographers allowed (security for a royal occasion – H&M can just beg for the rights to use the same feed that the newsies get). Can safely rely on the British public to boo them every time they appear – making it clear that they are not wanted. After they failed so spectacularly to get the footage they wanted at the Jubilee, or at the Queen’s funeral – I doubt they’ll bother. But they’ll have to come up with a justification. Which is problematical – since they still want titles for their kids. Any further denigration of the King, and/or Commonwealth (e.g. not going to support the monarchy as a racist institution), is just going to be grist to the mill for those MPs who want their titles removed…..


      1. Just my opinion – but the media are pretty much reflecting what most Kiwis think.
        While many aren’t ‘royalists’ by any means – we do recognise how hardworking and self-sacrificing the RF are. Yes, they get ‘paid’ to do this job (nice lifestyle, tiaras, never need to worry about the grocery bill) – but it’s not a job that I would do for all the tea in China.
        Given that, the nasty slurs and accusations (not actually borne out by any evidence) slung their way by H&M, don’t go down well.

        Many people were fine with Megxit – and if H&M had retired to a (luxurious) ‘retirement’ – well away from the celebrity circuit – and just shut up (since they apparently don’t want media coverage (ha!)); and, if they’d truly wanted to reject the whole UK deal – resigning their titles, and becoming plain Mr & Mrs (fat chance) – I think most Kiwis would have been ‘on their side’.
        [NB: it’s interesting that *none* of the Commonwealth countries wanted to have H&M in residence (Canada asked them to move on – and NZ was apparently sounded out, and said ‘hell, no!’)]

        It’s the combination of the desperation to retain their celebrity status, alongside the willingness to throw their whole family (both sides) under the bus in the service of the media conglomerates (Netflix) – which make them despicable. And H’s willingness to knife William in the back is seen as particularly nasty.

        Few people believe any of H&M’s story now – so much of it has been disproven, that even the bits which *might* be true are shaded with doubt.
        Most see it as a patchwork of slanted ‘truths’ and re-invented (or imagined) stories designed to appeal to the ‘woke’ US left celebrity circuit.

        And, misery-memoirs have a limited lifespan – especially when there doesn’t seem to be much actual misery to document.

        She comes across as a gold-digger, battening onto celebrity status, while ruthlessly jettisoning any parts of her past which don’t reflect ‘well’ on her. Her treatment of her father has been particularly jarring – and lost her a huge amount of sympathy.
        He comes across as an entitled whinger. Complaining about the highly privileged lifestyle that he’s enjoyed – because it comes with a side-order of media presence. Even the residual sympathy that many felt over the loss of his mother, is running thin. After all, he’s in his late thirties – many people have had tragedies to deal with in their childhood – it’s time to grow up. Using the Bashir interview footage (after William had got the BBC to agree that it would never again be shown) in their doco – was seen as particularly egregious – H&M monetizing her tragedy.

        There’s probably a bit of anti-American bias in there as well. We’re not too keen on Americans coming in to tell us everything which is ‘wrong’ with our form of governance. That’s not only the ‘log in your own eye’ business (Trump, US racism, celebrity drones) – but also the fact that Megan (at least) appears to have little understanding of how the monarchy ‘works’ – and is completely unwilling to develop any. Every time she comments on something ‘constitutional’ she drops a clanger.

        My observation is that the coverage of H&M has become increasingly negative over time – I can’t see anything that is likely to reverse this trend.


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