The Other Shoe Drops

Last week, I exposed to everyone my guilty secret…. I am kinda obsessed with the British Royal Family and all their dirt. (For the whole series of blog posts about the Royal Family, tag: royal mess. To start from the beginning, start here.)

Here’s the latest: King Charles III is exiling Prince Harry, because he’s trashing the Crown. At the same time, Meghan Markle’s plans seem to be unraveling. All the bullying stories are coming out now that there’s not longer a Queen protecting Harry. I’m feeling sorry for them, even though they sound a little crazy.

RIP Hilary Mantel. If you haven’t read Wolf Hall, you should. Here’s her wonderful essay on royal bodies.

2 thoughts on “The Other Shoe Drops

  1. Reading all the bullying stuff, what comes across is a woman who is profoundly insecure, and unable to ask for or accept help.

    I’m quite sure that she was, at the very least, a deeply unpleasant person to work for – and that she did make working life so unpleasant that a whole raft of people walked away. By very good fortune, they were all sufficiently well-connected in their careers that they could afford to do so.

    Her claim that she just has high standards – rather than being a bully – doesn’t pass the sniff test. Screaming at people because they haven’t succeeded in giving you what you want is not the mark of a good boss, nor is making denigrating comments about someone’s work or ability (if you truly think they’re out of their depth, you find someone to coach them), or repeatedly calling people outside business hours to shout at them.

    It seems incredible to me that she turned such a positive situation (the press and the people of Britain were keen to love her – and the small amount of negative press coverage is simply the price that anyone in the public eye has to pay) – into an absolute disaster.

    It’s very hard to argue that she’s made Harry’s life in any way better (apart from his children) – he’s isolated from the vast majority of friends and family, and has no job or purpose in life (apart from keeping Meghan happy – which is a full-time job in itself). His paranoia about the press has only grown, and his great ability to connect with everyday people has been stifled by her PR-only-when-paid attitude.
    He, quite frankly, looks co-dependent in most of the media coverage – which says volumes about the way she’s sapped his sense of self-worth. His mental health looks a great deal worse than it did pre-Meghan.


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