How Can Things Get Worse? (Plague, Day 85, May 30, 2020)

In the midst of a global pandemic with 100,000 dead in our country, with schools shutdown, 1 in 4 on unemployment, small businesses closing up every day, journalists laid off, what other horrors can God foist on us? Oh, how about racial tensions, riots, protests, police brutality, and looting?

I have no idea what to say about Minneapolis and the George Floyd murder that would be original or illuminating. I’m beyond sad. You guys go for it.

SL 780

Everything is up for grabs. Will this pandemic bring about the next revolution?

Dead bodies in apartments in NYC.

This crisis is going to push struggling small colleges over the edge.

Parents and groups rush in to fill the education void.

Should college kids get a MAJOR refund right now? Yes.

I’m going to double the size of our backyard garden. Steve’s working like crazy, so I’m going to pay our landscape to build a pine 12 x 4 raised bed. I’ve been reading up on the best vegetables for semi-shady locations. The landscaper said he’s building tons of vegetable gardens right now. Wayfair has some nice kits. Everybody is doing it.

Looking at the Asian model, we could keep infection rates down and open the economy, by having more testing and making modifications, like smaller classrooms, staggered work hours, and more polling areas.

Bernie drops out, and nobody cares. 150 members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia have. Linda Tripp died. It’s all over our prisons. More here.

Okay, I’m signing out for the day. I’m going to roast everything for dinner on one tray: chicken thighs, potatoes and cauliflower. Want some ideas for one tray roasting meals? Try this.

Thoughts on the New Hampshire Primary

Bernie won, of course, but he was a loser in the news cycle, because his win was expected, but wasn’t as large as he wanted.. The biggest winners were Mayor Pete and Klobuchar. Biggest losers were Biden and Warren.

Biden’s poor showing wasn’t a huge surprise. His age and declining mental facilities have been on full display for a couple of months now.

Warren’s poor showing was a surprise. She sounded like she was ready to cry last night. I do feel bad for her, because she has put in 101 percent effort into this campaign. Why didn’t she do well? Were her politics too close to Sanders? Is she annoying people, who see her as another Hillary?

Another big winner wasn’t even the election last night. It was Bloomberg. People are starting to think that he has a shot, if moderates are showing up to vote.

Your thoughts?

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I feel the need to redeem myself with some fun links, after that last post.

We’re going skiing in Vermont this weekend, so I’m ordering some new boots.

Steve read my old post, Blogosphere 2.0, that showed up automatically at the bottom of a more recent post. He thought it was an interesting snapshot of the Internet ten years ago.

On my reading list for later, David Brooks article in the Atlantic about the nuclear family.

Dan Drezner on the Donald Trump.

New Hampshire predictions?

Weekend Mode (not quite, almost there)

After I write this week’s newsletter, I’m going into weekend mode. What’s weekend mode?

Every Friday, I knock off work early and do some girlie stuff before Ian gets home. My nails are a train wreck at the moment, for example, and need attention from a professional. Gotta pick up chair cushions from Calico, drop off some books at the post office, and work on some photography. And then I’ll start working on some weekend projects and finalize dinner plans with friends.

We’ve been slowly upgrading our bedroom and the office. The bedroom was painted by professionals last week, after we admitted to ourselves that we couldn’t finish the job before April on our own. In the meantime, I’ve slowly been restocking the bookcases and screwing in switch plates. More pictures when it’s officially done.

We’re making the office into a more of an official work place, and not the red-headed stepchild of a room. Wallpaper is off, and lighting installed.

Looking over my pictures from my cellphone, we spend quite a lot of time eating. This is why I need to drop ten pounds, I think. Tonight, we’re chilling out. We’ll be going to a local Persian place with friends on Saturday night, after dumping Ian at the grandparents’ house. On Sunday, we’re splitting up – Steve and Ian are going to a Super Bowl party, while I’m meeting up with friends in New York City.

What your weekend mode?

Coffee Shops and Gigs

I’ve decamped from my house to get some writing down in one of the six local coffee shops. Coffee shops do well in this town, because there are a lot of freelancers, like myself in town, and moms who are hustling side gigs, which is like me, too.

I have cleared out of the house, because I need some space from my college kid who has a three-page paper on Russian intelligence from last semester that he has to finish off. He’s writing it, while sitting on the sofa and watching sports. He’s getting it done and has been getting good grades, so I don’t want to meddle too much. On the hand, I just can’t watch him working like that anymore. The crumpled up wrapper from Popeyes is seriously making me itch.

Also, we embarked on some ill advised home improvement efforts last weekend, so there are scraps of wall paper everywhere. My desk is under a tarp and will probably be out of commission for the rest of the week. I can work in the chaos of a coffee shop, but at home, everything has to be OCD-perfect.

My current writing project was put on hold until a report is released, so I decided to spend the week reexamining various book proposals that I’ve assembled over the years and never really shopped around. I think I have one book in me, and this might be right time to extract it. Like an impacted wisdom tooth.

Apt. 11d Gift Guide 2019 – Older Teenager Edition

I love kids. I especially love them when they are past that horrible stage between ages 13-17 years. Those four years are the stinky underbelly of childhood, but I survived! Nevermind them. It’s all about me. And now the much nicer kids gave me some suggestions for gifts. The girl gift suggestions comes from my influencer niece, Erin. The boy gifts suggestions come Jonah.

Erin sez:

Jonah sez:

More coming soon. Including Ian’s video game selections and Steve’s history book selections.