SL 854

Ian made me a lovely new logo for my old book shop.

Fun convo on Twitter this morning about 70s v. modern parenting practices:

The college kid needs a recommendation from a professor for a study abroad program. It’s not easy when half of his professors are temporary adjuncts and are no longer employed by his college. He has no idea where they went. We gave him a little lesson on how you write a request for a recommendation letter, but he’ll never need to know how to do that anymore. In the private sector, prospective employers can’t ask for recommendations anymore.

The college kid might use his political science degree with tons of environmental science and policy classes to get involved in the wind farm energy field after graduation. Lots of potential there.

“Overselling danger seemed, in other words, to have the opposite of the intended effect.” Alec MacGillis on mask policy and Germany.

The suburbs are being redrawn right now. Change is happening faster than anyone realizes. And because journalists and academics don’t live in the suburbs, few are seeing the big picture.

The college graduation rate is so pitiful that the government considers taking six years to graduate a success story.

Should billionaires spend their money blasting former television stars into space, rather than focusing climate change? Prince William says no. Well, they are businessmen, and space is good business. Plus, William Shatner gave Jeff Bezos a billion dollar of free advertising yesterday.

Picture: I bought out a hoarder’s collection of encyclopedias last week. Thank God, Steve and Ian were with me that day to help me get all the books to the car. We filled up the Subaru station wagon from that one house. I’m slowly taking pictures of them all. Here’s a set rare leather Encyclopedia Brittanica from the 1920’s. I have no idea how much to charge and whether to sell them in sets of three’s or as one huge set.