SL 776

I stumbled across the design team, Studio McGee, through Instagram a few months ago, and I’m in love. I just watched the video about the exterior of their new house, because we’re making decisions about Hardie board siding for the house.

I got completely addicted to the royals and their drama this past month, so I also started following them on Instagram. Kate Middleton clearly has anorexia, but I do love all the green dresses that she wore in Ireland.

Career and technical education is a hot topic right now. Today’s chore is to organize recent interviews in Draft 1 on this subject.

Virus be damned. I’m going to the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair this weekend. We’ll probably hit a museum and get Chinese food, too. Can’t live in a bubble, after all.

(Picture: One my relatives from Canada sent me this picture last week. The cocky kid with his hand in his pocket was my grandfather, Diomede. A middle class family (my great grandfather was the mayor and an engineer) from central Italy, they all had some attitude.)

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