Links June 20, 2022

Brutal pictures of the homeless problem in Oregon.

Susan Faludi writes about the problem with celebrity Feminism.

The foster kittens are returning this afternoon, after several days of heavy duty antibiotics. I hope their pipes are working properly.

Dan Drezner is ending his long time WaPo bloggy column. He found it difficult to maintain his irreverent style of writing in that space. It also wasn’t a space, where he felt comfortable giving room to inner cranky-old-man. “We need a more forgiving public discourse, one in which it is possible for mistakes to be made, apologies to be sincere, criticism to be tolerated, and respect to be preserved across genuine ideological disagreements.” I had lunch with an old-time blogger this weekend; we both mourned the open intellectual discourse from that time.

I loved Caitlyn Flanagan’s column about Sheryl Sandberg and the decline of Lean In Feminism. I have a lot more to say about this. Maybe later in the week.

Air travel is only going get worse.

I love the Jiggle, Jiggle rap.

Two local librarians solve an old art heist.

Happy Father’s Day.

Backyard dining time!

Watching: We finished 1883 and have to pick a new show. Not ready to make that tough choice yet. With Ian, we watched Top Gun. At home, when we done with the Kenobi series, we’ll move onto Ms. Marvel.