Links, September 23, 2022

Schools are going to be a big issue in the mid-term election. Families that felt the most pain during the pandemic are still mad. 

The local running club aimed at old people like me has unexpectedly become a haven for young people in their 20s who have no other social outlets and are very lightly on the autistic spectrum. This oddball group of seniors (some are 70-year old marathoners) are beyond kind.

I have grown almost numb to the statistics showing how badly we treated children during the pandemic. The latest report from UNICEF

I’m a huge fan of high school programs that help non-college bound students find careers. I think we’re going to start to see more high schools begin to diversify their offerings, which is awesome.

Watching: The Boys, She-Hulk, The Dragon Show (can’t remember its real name)

Shopping: I need a long 80’s style blazer and something green

Cooking: A friend of mine served some amazing Duck Sauce Chicken at a BBQ recently. She covered chicken thighs with Chinese Duck Sauce, which she bought by the gallon in the Jewish section of the supermarket. Bake thighs at 350 on a sheet pan covered with the sauce and covered by aluminum foil. 1 hour in the oven. Finished over the BBQ to get nice grill marks.

Pictures: I’ve been playing around with Instagram Stories and posting lots of images of everyday life that disappear after 24 hours.