Travel: Things to Do in New York City — Antique Books, Dumplings, Kabobs

One of the perks of living in the New York City area is that we can bop into the city on weekends, but we still have a suburban home that costs less than a two bedroom apartment in the city. Not to mention that we have a driveway, laundry, and a backyard with a grill. We have regular chats about moving back to Manhattan, but then we always do that cost/benefit analysis and then shelve that conversation for a later time.

The quality of food is always on the plus side of any cost/benefit analysis of living in Manhattan. Pretty much any random restaurant in the city is a million times better than any place just a mile over the Hudson River. For example, we had subway dumplings yesterday. Yes, these dumplings came from a shop — Lisa’s Dumplings — that exists in the corridor of a subway. And it was seriously amazing. Highly recommend.

Then we split up. Steve and Ian roamed around Central Park checking out street musicians and Belvedere Castle. I took the subway to the Park Avenue Armory for the New York International Antiquarian Book Fair. I spotted a celebrity and lots of cool old books.

The armory itself was amazing – a turn of the century building with tons of woodwork. The staircase alone was jaw dropping.

Then we got drinks and kabobs at Kashkaval, an 11D favorite.

One thought on “Travel: Things to Do in New York City — Antique Books, Dumplings, Kabobs

  1. Well, I want to do that.
    Book fairs.
    Dumplings AND kebobs.
    No giant mortgage on a tiny apartment.


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