Beach Road

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

6 thoughts on “Beach Road

  1. I lived in NC for 6 years. I went to Pawley’s Island in SC, Oak Island and Topsail Island in NC, but never the Outer Banks. At some point I’ll have to fix that, but for now I’m married to a beach hater.


  2. we were at pine knoll shores last week. 15 years in NC and we’ve finally been to every part of the coast here. I loved that the beach there faces south, such a different feel than OBX or Wrightsville.


  3. Sorry, I was just clearing up photographs for the year. Trying to find a picture of Jonah for the Christmas where he’s not chugging milk from the jug or making a silly face. This is North Carolina. David Sedaris’s house is just off camera.


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