What’s Going On

Things are heating up around here. I have a long list of last minute items to purchase for the holidays, so I have to make another trip to the mall. A luncheon with the special ed PTA moms at noon. Drinks with a friend tonight.

I continue to sell books on my Etsy shop, which is a nice surprise. My inventory has dwindled, so after the holidays, I’m going to load up at estate and library sales. I’ve been fanticizing about turning my basement into an e-business selling books by the foot. Look the Strand does it. I made the mistake of doing research before I went to bed, so I woke up at 2:30 thinking about organizing books. I never went back to sleep.

I’m also trying to wrangle my photographs for the year into some sort of order. I took almost 2,000 pictures this year. I need to cull the mess and find a few of my kids without silly expressions for the Christmas card. I also really should make a proper photo album, so that we can actually enjoy the pictures instead of letting them rot on my hard drive.

Digital camera have meant more pictures. More good pictures. But the quantity kills me.

So, I’ll be here as time permits today.

3 thoughts on “What’s Going On

  1. Hey, I took more than 2000 pictures in the last week (Too hard to count, but maybe 10000 pictures). The time lapse pictures of sunrises account for some sizable portion of that, and those aren’t really individual pictures (more like a video). But, even if I just count the pictures of people, I have more than 2000 in the last week.

    My recommendation for not having pictures die on your hard drive? Online photo sites. I prefer to pay for privacy, and so use smugmug. But one could trie Google, Flickr, or ICloud sharing instead.

    One of my resolutions is to try to pick 10-20 pictures I love from every year, but I never succeed at that task.


  2. We do a yearly photobook and have for (judging by the number on our shelf) the past 7 or 8 years. That’s officially our gift for adults in the family. The printed colors aren’t always quite what we’re expecting based on how it looked on the computer screen, but it gets the job done.


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