Travel: The State Capitol Project, #1 and #2

On our way up to Stowe, Vermont for a ski weekend, Steve announced that instead of driving through Burlington, like we usually do, he was driving through Montpelier. And that’s how we decided to start a State Capitol project. Yes, totally randomly like that. We will take a picture outside of every state capitol building in the country. Sure, it might take us twenty years, but we’re going to do it, dammit.

First. on the list was Montpelier, Vermont. A nice small town with a yellow domed state capitol.

And on the way back, we got a picture outside the statehouse in Albany.

Three reasons why I love this project. 1. It’s totally geeky, and geeky things make me laugh. 2. Because it takes us on new roads. Yes, going to Albany on the way home was out of our way, but the GPS took us through lovely snow covered rural roads and then put us a car ferry going over Lake Champlain, which was totally unexpected and awesome.

And then once pictures had been taken in front of the building, we found a local pub for local grub. Reason 3: local beer and local grub.


11 thoughts on “Travel: The State Capitol Project, #1 and #2

  1. I adore Montpelier. Such a cute little town that looks like it’s tucked into the mountains. My uncle lives in nearby Barre, so we were there once.
    My husband has fallen in love with Albany and Troy (when I was in college, my friends and I always joked that Troy was the armpit of America, but my husband likes its worn-down, post-industrial vibe, and parts of the town were used for location shoots for The Gilded Age on HBO).


  2. The Ohio capitol is really boring, architecture- wise. If you get to Lincoln, the capitol is really nice. Plus, there’s a tall tower in the middle. The tower is topped with a dome and on the dome is a statue of a man scattering seeds. In 1920, nobody involved with the project knew about Freud.


    1. The Lincoln museum in Springfield is great, or at least it was. There were a couple of fabulous exhibits, including one that they had some Disney-type engineer design (a historical presentation) and The Civil War in Four Minutes, which is an incredible feat of compressing historical knowledge.

      Madison WI is great, especially on a farmer’s market day. I also enjoyed visiting Richmond VA with a friend who lives there now.


  3. I’ve heard that Lincoln is nice. My dad lived there for a year of a graduate school. Good to know about Springfield. I was in the Ohio capitol years ago when doing dissertation research but don’t really remember it. Actually, we’ve never been to Trenton, so that might be next on our list.


  4. We’re all so funny. I counted up the capitol cities I’ve been in (14); only one capitol building, Ohio’s.


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