Learning Outside the Lecture Hall

I love almost everything about ski weekends in Vermont. The fireplaces stacked with smoky logs. The rosy-cheeked children in great pink snow suits. The reward of beer and pizza after a day of exercise. I love the Adirondack-style front porches and the crisp mountain air. What don’t I enjoy on these trips? Skiing.

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14 thoughts on “Learning Outside the Lecture Hall

  1. I love everything about your grown up learning and agree wholeheartedly about skiing. I gave up without ever learning.

    “I made everyone stand outside the state capital building in Montpelier yesterday, because I decided that I need to take selfies at all fifty state capitals. ”

    I love the idea and now am a little bit sad that I didn’t plan it in I don’t really plan on visiting again, like Sacramento and Columbus (but maybe those are places we’ll find ourselves in again).

    We’ve had visit all 51 states on our plan. Spouse has all 51, I have 42, older 35, younger 26. But, we’ve never thought of state capitols, which would be tough without a serious road trip. Of the 8 states three of us are missing, the only one I want to visit without a roadtrip is New Mexico.


    1. I used to work across the street from the state capitol in Columbus and my dad worked in the capitol in Lincoln for years. I don’t have a selfie at either though.


  2. My husband has been on a mission to take photos of state capitals for the last 10 or so years. He has 17 total, and 6 are displayed in our living room. I indulge him. It’s better than lighthouses, which was his last photo obsession.


  3. I love projects. I’m starting state capitols, though I’m likely to fail because road trips are not high on our plans and I live in the west where things are far apart (closest 1, 4, 8, 12, 12, and 22 hours away, not counting the one you can’t drive to).

    But, maybe doable as part of other trips and that’s part of the fun of projects, a goal that makes for other explorations. Definitely going to make it a goal to bag the first soon, at only a bit over an hour away. Oh, and Victoria, BC should be possible (and fun)! And I was pleased to see Albany join your list!


  4. I’ve been to 49 – just missing Alaska. I’ve done tours at 25. I get a magnet as the souvenir.


      1. Magnets are awesome 👍!

        Many years ago, one of my mother’s friends told me she traveled with a tennis ball can. She never bought a souvenir that didn’t fit in the tennis ball can.


      2. More seriously, I have pictures of my kids on every state capital (except Alaska). Mostly due to having a time share and driving to the location and being willing to take detours. We did tours when we could. I’d like to complete it and may ask my kids to go to Alaska with me for my 60th birthday in a (… mumble….) years.

        Part of this is my ex and I bought a timeshare on the secondary market and would drive, because flying for all of us was too expensive. So we could make detours.


      3. I was going to ask which was missing! And, with the kids!!! I am just so impressed.

        We have friends who did all 50 states with their kids (because of spouse’s story about his 50 states). But I don’t think they did all 50 capitols.

        And kiddo has an immense magnet collection from all over. I love that kind of collection of small things (and they are easy to store and display). Other kiddo has snow globes, which are beautiful, but not as easy to display and store. Both have left them at home and I do wonder whether they are going to become mine, rather than theirs.


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