Life Lessons

Last weekend, Steve and I went to Manhattan to see Plaza Suite with Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker. Delayed by two years by the pandemic, we were very excited to finally use our tickets from May 2020. We left Ian alone for most of the day, though my folks and sister came over to bring him dinner. We rarely leave Ian alone, because of the epilepsy and because he has no friends and is completely isolated without us, so this was a nice break for Steve and myself, and probably a nice break for Ian, as well. 

The next day, Steve discovered a suspicious screwdriver on his desk. After some questioning of Ian, we pieced together an interesting story. 

Ian explained that he watched a video on YouTube about how to expand the capacity of a PC. So, he went down the basement, where we have a pile of old computers that really need to go to the dump. In the Computer Graveyard, he removed a hard drive and a disk drive from a ten-year old PC and then installed them in Steve’s new computer on his desk. Proudly, Ian added that he dusted the inside of the computer. Then he did some clicking and clacking and showed the computer how to recognize the new devices.

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