Christmas 2022

We haven’t had a large traditional Christmas dinner in two years. 2020 was a Covid Christmas with just the nuclear family. In 2021, I got COVID and had to cancel everything. So, It’s been a little while, since I put on the full feast for a huge crowd. It was fun, but I’m still in recovery mode. Here are a few pictures (click on ones to start the slide show.)


2 thoughts on “Christmas 2022

  1. Looks like a lovely family celebration.

    I look at your beautifully decorated tree, and room, and Christmas table – with a marked inferiority complex. 🙂


  2. I’ve gotten pretty good at “freudenfreude”. So, I just loved the pictures and the celebration and am so glad that Laura made it happen for her family this year.

    Some salivating at the food (the honey balls look yummy) and I love the display of abundance and variety. And I really like little menus that document meals.

    I noted an increasing number of people describing “simple” Christmases, including delayed Christmases because we were struck by snow and then ice in the week before Christmas, with cancelled deliveries and flights. Spouse was supposed to return on the 23rd and managed to sneak in on the 24th, but his colleague got stuck until the Tuesday after Christmas, by which time his daughter had traveled across the pass to return to medical school. Others managed to sneak out before the storm and are posting delightful pictures from Hawaii and other escape christmases (Leaning into the freudenfreude there with effort).


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