Brief Thoughts and Hot Links, November 28, 2022

Our initial plan for the weekend was to drive up to Boston with Ian to eat nice food and go to museums. But we’re still on low battery, recovering from Steve’s six weeks on jury duty while managing his full time job. I canceled the hotel and planned on three day trips into New York City. Honestly, we were so tired that three days in New York City was whittled down to one day to Brooklyn. The rest of the time, I read books on the sofa.

I posted Thanksgiving, turkey stock, and Brooklyn pictures on Insta.

What books did I read this weekend? I reread Educated by Tara Westover — probably one of my favorite memoirs. And Hard Landings — a book that covers a lot of the same territory as The Great Leap. I have a lot more to say about those books, but that’s for another day.

All that time on the sofa was super necessary. I jotted noted notes for four pitches this morning. And then went out for a three-mile walk and some podcast listening. After a long break, I’m back to listening to The Daily every day. Last week’s episode about turkey cooking was great and got me interested in mayonnaise-covered turkey. Today’s episode is about Qatar’s $220 billion FIFA expenditure. Super interesting.

Are you shopping online today for Christmas gifts?

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