Community: Let’s Talk Turkey

I finished off the last work project for the week, and I’m now on Turkey time. I’ve got a bird brining in the fridge. We cleaned the oven last night. Steve’s making two pies tonight and did the cranberry sauce last night. I’m look at pictures from last year and see that a yummy cauliflower gratin. It wasn’t on the list for this year, but now I”m rethinking that. I better dash to the store to get ingredients.

Whatcha making this year?


12 thoughts on “Community: Let’s Talk Turkey

  1. I made an apple pie, all-butter crust (thank you stand mixer), precooked the apples, made a lattice top. Rest of dinner is excellent Diebergs stuff, which my mom now prefers to either making turkey or having me make turkey and mess up the kitchen. Friends were supposed to come over for dessert but one of them has Covid, so I’m not going to make the pumpkin custard I planned to complement the pie. What kind of pies are you doing?

    I saw your post on the tiara and though I am not royalty conscious or a jewelry person, when I saw that picture of Kate I thought, hmmm, a tiara might be nice.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Laura, and the whole apt11d crew!


    1. Steve’s the pie guy. He made Ina Garten’s chocolate bourbon pie from last week’s NYT. And a pumpkin pie. Store bought crust. Real pumpkin.

      We just prepped tomorrow’s Turkey, stuffing, Brussel spouts, cauliflower gratin. My mom is bringing potatoes and string beans.

      And I somehow agreed to do a 5K Turkey trot at 9 tomorrow. Crazy!


      1. I’m a huge fan of brussel sprouts. Cut in half, roasted, with salt and a little balsamic vinegar. Also love roasted cauliflower.


      2. I just two pans of Brussel spouts with slivered onion and chunks of bacon. My stuffing didn’t work out — too much bread — so I’m pouting.

        All the side dishes are done. Bird in the oven. Guests at 4.


    1. I did that J. Kenji Lopen-Alt mayo turkey yesterday. It was outstanding. Plus, I learned how to spatchcock a bird, which will come in handy in the future.


  2. my kiddo is the brussels sprouts specialist in our big family and she got a new fan today.

    we have 7 pies, two each of apple, pecan, and pumpkin and one eggnog pie.


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