Disbound Books

Sometimes the covers on a set of books are in such disrepair, the only solution is to rip off the covers and take them apart. We found these antique books in a damp basement of an estate sale a few years ago. The covers are horrid, but the insides are perfect.

The books would be quite valuable, if the covers didn’t suck so badly: The Waverley Series, By Sir Walter Scott, International Limited Edition, 1894, Limited Edition, Numbered 587 out of 1000, Estes and Lauriat: Boston, With Illustrations

The etchings are actually quite nice. Each book has five to seven etchings. I’ll set them as sets for $40 a piece. Not bad for antique art.

What to do with the rest of the book?

Some people just like unbound books like this on a shelf. Kinda works of art. But crafters will be more likely to buy them. Some people like to wallpaper a small powder room with old book paper. Some people use them for scrapbooking. I don’t know. I’ll sell them for cheap just to get them out of my shop. $6 for 150 pages or something.