Community: Labor Day Plans

It’s the last official weekend of the summer. In the US, we have a three-day holiday weekend. Our family is keeping things simple this weekend – just some BBQs with friends, maybe one day trip to New York’s Botanical Gardens. We’ve been so busy that some relaxing time at home sounds extremely nice. How about you?

What are you doing this holiday weekend?

5 thoughts on “Community: Labor Day Plans

  1. I’ll be working! Husband is in Chicago for the weekend doing with a friend, so I have uninterrupted time to prep my classes, which started this past Monday. I now have 2 independent studies, both of which need significant online presences to accommodate student accessibility needs.


  2. During the pandemic, a friend decided she wanted to continue working full time remote and didn’t want to do it from here. So, after negotiating with her employer, she sold her house and bought an RV. This weekend I drove down to where she is currently parked. It was fun.

    She told me that she has seen at least 25 other single women (many with fifth wheels) but only one single man. The rest are couples. I thought that was interesting.


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