Links October 13, 2022

Yes, Bernie and the other oldies in government should step aside and let a Boomer or a Gen-Xer take their place. Diane Feinstein in particular. Cringy comments about the Internet in Senate hearings should be a barrier to re-election. Also, by the same author in another substack (where all the fun is happening right now) has a piece on the hard NYU professor.

They know how to help kids with reading problems, but schools are still not making the necessary changes. It’s so exhausting.

Teenage mental health continues to suck. I think we need to rethink everything. Getting the kids outside experiencing the world is a good goal. I’m a huge fan of Outward Bound.

Disabled adults, like the seniors, are going to see a 8.7 percent jump in their Social security payments — it’s a cost of living adjustment. My kid will get an extra $800 per year, which won’t make a massive difference, but he’ll take it.

I bought these books for $200 in the spring. Fixed them up over the summer (the leather was fragile and needed some oil) and listed them last month for $1,850. SOLD! I’m spending the afternoon packaging them up.