Travel: The Cloisters, New York City

Ian and I were on our own this weekend, because Steve and Jonah went to upstate New York to camp and fish. I enjoy camping, but do not have the attention span to sit in a boat for hours, so we let them go be boring by themselves. Ian and I went to a party one day, and the next day, we drove into the Heights for breakfast, a long walk, and a trip through the Cloisters museum.

Washington Heights is our old stomping ground. The park and the museum were my backyard when my boys were babies. Just 20 minutes away from our current home, we stop by for a visit every few months. Because we have membership to the museum, we don’t have to pay the exorbitant admission and feel obliged to read every label and name plate; Ian and I roamed through the rooms for a quick 30-minute visit for free.

  • The Cloisters Museum, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of art. A reconstruction of medieval monasteries into the lovely, quirky museum.
  • Uptown Garrison, a nice brunch spot on 181st Street.
  • Fort Tryon Park, fantastic park with gardens and meadows for picnicking. You won’t see a skyscraper anywhere. It was built by Rockefeller to provide a rural atmosphere for the Cloisters.

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