What’s Going On Around Here?

I had an insane amount of Ian-related chores this month — independent testing, SATs, Social Security, the school, and just finding ways to keep him amused. Basically, we are trying to backfill some serious social and academic skill gaps, so he can advance to the next step. All of this should have happened years ago, but I trusted the wrong people. Sigh. Addicting to the challenge, there are fewer and fewer programs for autistic people as they get older. I will spend the summer driving him to New York City for a social skills program and to Morristown for a great reading program. Maybe we’ll do everything virtually, but not sure.

But not all Ian-related chores suck. It’s just the paperwork and bureaucracy and the research to find appropriate programs. Hangin out with him is always awesome. We went into Manhattan together this weekend. I’ll post some pictures soon.

Happily, this week is relatively free from those chores, so I’m catching up with writing and book selling. I sold one book for $500 this weekend. Yay. I think it’s time to reconfigure the basement to increase the capacity of my book shop. It’s not a bad side hustle.

With all the uncertainty around the boys, we made no vacation plans for the summer. I’m only just now looking at various options – a weekend at the beach, a trip to Disney (for Ian), maybe a driving trip to Montreal, where else can we go? But the price of plane tickets and hotels are making me feel a little ill, so I walked away from Travelocity until later tonight. I might need a glass of wine before I have enough courage to book something.