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In the height of the pandemic, the booze truck delivered to homes up and down my block. Steve and I celebrated surviving another day of homeschooling with a 5:00 cocktail hour. We stopped when the pounds started to pack on. Now, I just have a glass of wine with dinner every night, but I’ll probably stop that, too. I gained five pounds this month, probably from day drinking during our vacation, so I’ll have to keep the wine for weekends for a while.

Are you drinking more or less?

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4 thoughts on “Community: Booze Consumption

  1. We went through a similar pattern. Drinking significantly more during the first few months of the pandemic, then slowly cutting back to what was normal pre-pandemic. Then about a year ago I decided to cut booze entirely except socially, which has meant no more than 1-2 drinks a week and many weeks with none at all. The results for my weight have been disappointingly small, though perhaps I wasn’t drinking enough before.


  2. I’m a non-drinker, so no difference, but I did recently give up the big late night bowl of ice cream in favor of a small ice cream (they sell 100 calorie cones at the store) and fruit. I’ve been buying a lot of strawberries.

    As hard as it was to imagine before I did it, cutting down on ice cream has been a beneficial shift, as I was probably having too much dairy before. I’ve been able to cut about 400 calories a day out of my diet. Between that and Wii Fit 3X a week, I’ve lost several pounds, but I’m not sure how long I’m going to keep on losing.


  3. I’m not a big drinker-I do love craft cocktails but I end up having a drink or 2 about once a month. My big issue is snacking from either stress or boredom. I just consume too many calories and have thus gained 25 pounds in 3 years. It’s annoying because I hate to replace perfectly good clothes. I think I really amped up the snacking during Covid.

    Just so no one thinks I’m more goody goody than I really am, I do indulge in a Sunday night 5mg pot gummy. That’s apparently a small dose but that’s the benefit of not drinking much or doing much in the way of drugs when I was younger. I’m a cheap date, as they say and my tolerance for drugs/alcohol is low. It’s enough to relax me to get a great night of sleep before starting the week.


  4. About the same, but I have craft cocktails more often. I’ve always been a fan of mixed drinks (sangria, pepper blossoms) but added one to the repertoire last summer (Vermont gimlet) and our local wine shop has a couple I like. We are big supporters of the wine shop because they have live music and my partner is a musician and advises student jazz combos, so we hang out there a lot. (They also invested in outdoor seating during the pandemic and were awesome about following mask mandates.) But I am a one-drink-per-set drinker, at most, sometimes a one-drink-and-then-water person.


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