Holiday Break

After I recovered from illness, we went back to normal. Normal here involves keeping Ian busy with movies and trips to New York City, making dinner for the extended family, and working. Here are some pictures:

4 thoughts on “Holiday Break

  1. Beautiful table and beautiful family!

    So, are girlfriends/boyfriends being invited to family gatherings yet?

    Over the holidays 1 kiddo of ours spent Christmas with GF’s family and the other New Years (though the New Years was chosen because that was their last day together before return to college). We don’t celebrate Christmas, but I do believe that was our first xmas or NY apart from our children. Elder kiddo said it was ripping the band aid off.

    Thanksgiving is our extended family celebration and that has not included GF/BF yet except for the eldest cousin, who is now married (I think her first thanksgiving extended family might have been when they were engaged, but not absolutely sure).


  2. Jonah is the only one with a girlfriend right now. She’s lovely. He’s went down to the college to go hang out with her tonight. She’s welcome at any time, but she wanted to spend the holiday with her family. It’s serious, but not serious enough for family holiday events.


  3. Aaah, it’s when they want to be away that I’m thinking about (i.e. going to GF’s house). In the past, we’ve been in HI over winter break, and that will happen again, and, I can imagine kids joining us for a part of that break (while spending Christmas with significant others). My kiddo was included in GF’s family celebration to the point of being bought gifts by everyone in the family!

    But I’m trying to claim a time (I tend to worry ahead). Thanksgiving was claimed by my spouse’s aunt early on, and with flexibility (we have celebrated on Friday for the last three years) we’ve managed to get the extended family together for 30 years (-2020). An incentive is clearly that the whole family comes, 15 people now.

    Friends think planning vacations is the way to gather the children, but when to include the partners?


  4. Keeping the extended family together as the kids get married, find jobs, manage their in-laws, have kids is a big concern for Steve and myself. We would rather not be abandoned in our older years.


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