They’re Finally Looking Up

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For nearly two years, I’ve been yelling at school board meetings, on twitter, on opinion pages, and in this newsletter. I wanted people to recognize that kids were in crisis mode, parents were in crisis mode, women were in crisis mode. I heard horror stories on the sidewalk as neighbors came out their homes to tell me stories. In interviews, experts predicted dire situations. The education newspapers and journals — great publications that are sadly only read by education geeks like myself — reported the view on the ground. I found a group of like minded thinkers and parents on twitter, and we shared stories.

But I felt like I was shouting at the ocean, drowned out by the waves of people who were yelling about masks and infection rates and vaccinations and didn’t share my low-key constant stress about kids and families. 

And then things changed just this week.

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2 thoughts on “They’re Finally Looking Up

    1. ds wrote, “I am less inclined to think this is because the light is dawning over Marblehead about harm done to the children and more inclined to think it is because the Demmies are finally noticing that the teachers’ unions have become an albatross around their necks But, well, I am in Virginia, so maybe I would think that…”

      Also, it’s a year divisible by two, which wonderfully concentrates the mind!


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