Keeping Our Boys Mentally Healthy Is More Important Than Ever

Excerpt From Newsletter

About a month ago, I started interviews for an article for Edutopia about the particular mental health needs of boys and how schools can help them. Sometimes articles are more than just words on a screen. Sometimes the conversations behind the articles change me. This was one of those articles. 

Only a small fraction of the many hours of interviews made it into this 1,500 word Internet article. My editor and I decided to leave out the discussions related to COVID for various reasons, but it was a huge topic during my conversations with various experts. 

In my phone calls, experts told me that this year did serious damage to America’s teenagers in ways that we still don’t fully understand. When schools open properly in September, staff might have to put academics aside, and concentrate on getting kids back into good social and emotional shape. They talked about the need to triage students in order to prioritize help for those kids with most damage. 

Being locked up in a bedroom with unlimited access to the Internet for an entire year does terrible things to a teenager’s brain. 

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