Here Comes Another Round of School Closures. Nobody Cares.

COVID rates are going up. Things are going to be horrific in another couple of weeks, because we’re still keeping the gyms open, people aren’t wearing masks, and not enough people are going to cancel Thanksgiving. It’s very predictable. (Folks, be safe out there.)

What really bugs me — I mean beyond all those dead old people — is that schools will close again. The damage — and I mean massive damage — to younger kids, disabled kids, and low-income kids will alter lives. The fact that we haven’t prioritized schools, as Europeans have done, is really damning. Bad choices.

People care more about their biceps than little children. People are assholes.

And as much as I like Biden, I am concerned about some of his education choices. For example, DeVos gave the states the green light to forgo state standardized tests this spring. Not one of the states administered tests of kids this spring. Biden might do it again this spring, because the teachers unions are pushing him in that direction.

Without two years of tests, we will have no idea how far kids fell behind these two years. Without this knowledge, there will be no remedy. Schools are just going to pretend that none of this happened. Fuck it. We’ve paid for 12 eggs and were only given 4. Kids are owed education time.

I’m furious. My kid will be okay, because I am forking over $516 per month for various education services. And I’m about add another few hundred per month for social skills classes and exercise classes at the Y — he no longer has enough contact with other kids and doesn’t have gym class.

I think as much as 10 percent of all the school children in New York City are homeless. Schools are their bedrock. And we’re taking that away from them.