SL 822

Wow. I hit the pandemic wall hard this week. Like “wham splat” kinda hard.

On Monday, I put in a 12-hour day, and none it was paid work. I was dealing with special ed parenting during COVID, a kid transitioning out of high school to a yet-to-be-determined place, speech writing, speech giving at a school board meeting, unpaid professional development, and the usual chores just keeping people fed. The rest of the week, I’ve been saving my energy for paid employment and recovery time.

Some links for y’all:

Everybody is talking about the pandemic wall.

The viral pasta recipe — roasted feta and tomato mushed up and stirred into the pasta — actually looks pretty good. I like GOOP’s version, too.

Pretty stunning testimony at the Trump impeachment, no?

I’m very interested in Romney’s child tax credit.

Lately, I’ve been doing vacation fantasizing. I’m wishing we were back in Scotland, so I will probably watch the new TV show, Men in Kilts. I’m also a huge fan of the Instagram page, Castles of Scotland. But Italy is a close second of vacation fantasies, so I’m looking forward to Stanley Tucci’s Searching for Italy.

Picture: Remember drinking with friends in pubs? Miss those days. (In London, with my friend Joy in 2019).

3 thoughts on “SL 822

  1. @politicalmath suggests an idea I’ve been edging toward:

    “Quite frankly, if this is the CDC’s guidance for schools, we need to have a much larger discussion about schools. Like… no more summer vacations. Take 3 months off in the winter instead. That level of discussion.”

    It may not be possible in some areas, given lack of air conditioning, but given how much worse winter COVID is/was than spring/summer COVID, we really have to talk about this.

    In my county in TX, it turned out that the peak of the fall/winter surge was about 1.8X as high as the summer surge and that the winter surge was much longer–despite the fact that the public was a lot more naive heading into the summer and there was a lot less mask wearing than in the fall and winter.


  2. Looking at the Israeli vaccine roll out – just about to hit 70%
    Which is the estimate for herd immunity (pre these more infectious variants).
    Up to now, it looks as though their vaccination programme has continued to accelerate. I’ll be interested to see at what point it tapers off, and estimate the vaccine resistant (or hesitant) segment of the population.

    US is doing well, compared to many other countries – especially large ones. Only (and yes, I acknowledge the irony – from a country which has yet to vaccinate one person) 12% of the pop – but that’s topping the world charts in the number of doses (44 million). I think that we sometimes forget just how many people live in the US. Compared to China – also hitting over 40 million doses, but only 2% of the population vaccinated.

    We’ve just had an announcement that vaccines will be arriving (maybe within the next week) here in NZ – but only for vaccinating border and quarantine workers and their families. The next tranche is timetabled for May (elderly and health critical people). The rest of us are likely to not see a vaccine until September…..


    1. Ann said, “We’ve just had an announcement that vaccines will be arriving (maybe within the next week) here in NZ.”



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