Travel in Scotland: Edinburgh and Inverness

The Road to Inverness

As I’m typing up this blog post and sorting through the pictures of the vacation, I’m mourning the loss of that nice vacation feeling. It lasted until about four days, when various work and family obligations obliterated my calm.

I wasn’t expecting to come back from this vacation so zen. We were on the move all ten days. We were lugging around two teenagers, who aren’t the easiest travel companions. But the boys were great. Having AirBnBs meant that we weren’t tripping over size 11 shoes and overflowing suitcases; there was plenty of room for everyone. And Scotland itself was so calming.


The air from the North was clean and fresh. Locals were chilling out in pubs, and so were we. There were sites and museums to check out, but also lots of nature and walking trails. It was the perfect combination of history and art with healthy outdoorsy stuff.

I think the best thing about Scotland wasn’t one particular spot, but it was the vibe. It was peaceful. I kept spotting little cottages in the hills that would make the perfect place to write a manuscript after the six-figure advance. Shut up. It’s a vacation and I can dream.

Tomorrow, I’m going to do a shopping and girlie blot post about things that one should pack for a trip to the Highlands and what one should buy when you’re there. I’m going to do one sponsored post. And then I’m going to regroup and talk about something else.

5 thoughts on “Travel in Scotland: Edinburgh and Inverness

  1. Sounds like you had a great time exploring Edinburgh, I’m going back in September and would love to visit the Scottish Parliament, looks like an amazing place, both inside and out


    1. Parliament was really excellent. It was a cool building with lots of symbolism. The displays about the party composition and structure were an excellent way of teaching my kids about government outside the US. We were there for a long time.

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