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Are you nesting? Or stir crazy? Have you shopped on Amazon to supplement the new life style? I have. New cutting boards and fun lounge pants. Will post links later.

Without restaurant scraps, the rats may be moving into homes.

After learning about Will and Kate’s social scene, I started getting sucked into the Instagram pages of the rusticating rich British people. I’m a sucker for their gardens and their comfy reading nooks. 

If you are looking for a new TV series to binge watch, please check out Schitt’s Creek

Is Andrew Cuomo our de facto national leader? The real president now?

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  1. “…de facto national leader? The real president now?..” well maybe, but after the election I am betting on Jill Biden. Our new Edith Wilson…


  2. I have been mildly, replacing activities with online shopping (though I don’t always click buy). Right now, I’ve developed a quite large collection of liquor in the shopping cart of a nearby essential licquor store — they will pack your purchases for pickup.

    Yes, I haven’t had a drink in months. But, I am enjoying the idea of bottles of alcohol and liquors set up on a shelf, with the ability to follow wild cocktail recipes.

    Anyone want to recommend a favorite vodka, gin, and rum? Any favorites on mixers (like sour mixes, or bitters?). Note that this is a bit like my idea of baking bread, but is more likely to happen, because mixing a cocktail requires less time.

    I also have a Williams Sonoma knife order in my cart.

    (And, I’ve bought too much from Amazon).


    1. bj said, “And, I’ve bought too much from Amazon.”

      I have ordered a stack of craft kits and art supplies for the 1st grader, as well as the normal stacks of books.

      Funny thing is–I’ve been so wiped out from our first week of homeschooling that I haven’t gotten around to setting her up with the craft kits.



      I want to try Seedlip distilled, non-alcoholic cocktails. I have a bottle of “Garden”, bought out of curiosity. I suppose a national shelter-at-home order will drive me to (not) drink.

      I like herbaceous gins. My husband likes Lord Hobo beers.


  3. Ick, rats. I know that mice move into our summer house during the off season, but they move back out when the weather warms up and there are people around. I would hate to think of rats moving in. OTOH, there’s no food, as conventionally defined, so maybe not.

    I assume there are rats in the basement of our apartment building, but I have never seen one. (I mean, in our building, you see them almost every day on the subway.)


  4. I played with making “mocktails” this summer. At the time I noted they were mostly fruity drinks with picturesque qualities, which worked for me. But more interesting flavors, without the alcohol a goal. Note I’m really not a drinker — maybe I have 8 or so drinks a year at restaurants and I don’t expect this to change. But I am intrigued by the mixology.



    “It’s 10:30 in the morning, and we’re running late for the conference call. It’s for my son. He’s 4 years old.”

    “Now there is a constant barrage of links, passwords, Google classroom, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. It’s too much: We get messages from their music teachers, their art teachers, librarians, even their gym teachers. They take attendance strictly.”

    I’m only dealing with google classroom for the 1st grader (my highschoolers are pretty autonomous), but my first week of school-at-home was a lot. School decided from the get-go to do everything asynchronously (rather than going the Zoom route), because of concerns about homes not having enough devices and I think that was a good call. We also got an update today saying that (at least for 4th-6th graders) school is backing off having families upload all assignments. For 4th and 6th graders, they are moving to an honor system for at least some assignments. They are also going to allow some assignments for those grades to be turned in in typed form. Thanks to a week of scanning and uploading 1st grade work done in pencil, I suspect that school has discovered (as I have) that the scanned or photographed school work in pencil is a pain to read. Our private elementary school is also sticking to a plan of just requiring language arts and math (up to a maximum of 15 hours), with optional material in other subjects. I think that’s quite reasonable, as it’s challenging just keeping up with the bare minimum. (I’m a bit dubious that it’s only been 15 hours this past week.)

    I have no plans to look at the optional work.


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