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I handed in the first draft of an article this morning. I have no idea whether it’s good or not. It’s somewhere on the spectrum between “GENIUS!” and “SUCKS!” and the stress of waiting to hear the verdict from a new editor sent me outside doing laps around suburban blocks. Getting 10K steps is much better than my other vices for dealing with stress. So, yay me!

I hate being a cliché, but I monitored my steps using my Fitbit, while listing to the NYT podcast using the Spotify app on my iPhone which was strapped to my arm. On The Daily, Barbaro interviewed Caitlyn Flanagan about her recent article in the Atlantic. I ran into a neighbor who has a small business making home cooked meals for wealthy families where both parents have mega jobs in Manhattan. Yes, I’m not exactly a character on the Rosanne Show.

The media cycle is dominated by the Kavanaugh story right now. I won’t write a separate blog post about it right now. You’ll can keep up that conversation in the previous thread.

In meantime, let me you to other articles and topics.

Everything That You Know About Obesity Is Wrong

Breaking news – Ford won’t testify on Monday.

Why women don’t report rape.

Pig manure. Still not going to be a vegan. But ugh.

Photo: Sometimes my adorable family will meet up for brunch in the city.


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  1. My phone will count my steps still, but it won’t celebrate them anymore. It wants me to get Heart Points. You hit their points well before you hit 10,000 steps if you are outside walking. You basically don’t get any points if all your steps are small bits of movement.


  2. Not subscribing to the Washington Post, I can’t read the article, but I assume that it is a story of a small town where the high school football stars are heroes, and the town pillories a girl who causes trouble for any of them. (Sort of the way Gloria Steinem treated Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones.) The correlative situation arises in settings like Duke University where the faculty and administrators have absorbed the false mantra of always believing the woman. Apparently the capacity to judge cases objectively and with a sense of proportion is not widespread among human beings, although I do think that the courts of justice do a better job than either university administrators or small town leaders.


    1. Would have probably been quicker to find a friend with a subscription and read the article than follow that giant chain of assumptions.


    2. Here’s a part you missed:

      “Nurse Della Schiavo provided sexual assault exams at Arlington Memorial Hospital for more than 10 years and was on call the day Wyatt arrived. Schiavo conducted Wyatt’s exam and took detailed notes, sketching her injuries on annotated diagrams while Wyatt laid on an exam table with her feet in stirrups. Schiavo noted that Wyatt had abrasions to her elbow, both ankles, and buttocks, along with a scratch on her inner thigh. She also recorded vaginal and anal tearing, along with redness and abrasions.

      “The examination that I did was consistent with what [Wyatt] said,” Schiavo told me when I contacted her this May to discuss her finding. “That girl was raped.” As I read her exam notes aloud to her over the phone, Schiavo began to fill in details on her own. She remembered Wyatt’s case all these years later, right down to the fact that she was never called to court to testify about it.”

      But I’m sure it’s all a fuss over nothing.


      1. Who said it was a fuss over nothing? The football players raped the girl, she tried to have them prosecuted, the whole town closed ranks to protect them and pilloried her, no? So the guilty go free in small town Texas, and the innocent are punished at Duke. Ecclesiastes 7:20.


      2. “So the guilty go free in small town Texas, and the innocent are punished at Duke.”

        Population of Arlington, Texas: 390,000
        Population of Durham, North Carolina: 260,000

        Honestly, Y81, in this matter it may be time for you to observe the first rule of holes.


      3. The sperm found in her body was a soccer players, so, I think a more general protection of the “popular crowd” rather than the football driven version, in say Steubenville. The soccer player was never questioned at all. That’s what struck me.


    3. Based upon statistics of rape cases reported that turn out to be false allegations the Duke case is an outlier.


      1. Marianne said,

        “Based upon statistics of rape cases reported that turn out to be false allegations the Duke case is an outlier.”

        I suspect that the stats are different for high-profile cases.


      1. It’s pretty clear that for whatever reason, large portions of the Republican Party believe there is more evidence against Kavenah than has come to light so far. This stuff was teased in advance by lots of them. Yesterday morning, things looked better for Kavenah.


      2. He is a disaster of a candidate and a disaster of a human being, and pushing him through isn’t just a comment Republicans but a comment on what they think a government should be like and who it should be for.


  3. What was Ed Whelan thinking? I would have thought that being a trained lawyer, Supreme Court clerk would have been a protection against this particular unforced error.

    Late night reddit style hunting and then he posted it. I’d have expected it of a 17 year old, not a grown up.


    1. I wondered that myself. And it clearly wasn’t just him. His accusation was teased in the press and by Hatch’s staffer.


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