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Not a huge shocker, but Donald Trump is going after Affirmative Action programs in higher ed. Because he is still fighting fights from the 1980s.

Do women make awful bosses?

The Queen enjoys four cocktails a day. At 91, you can do whatever you damn well please.

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  1. The 95 year-old man who sits by us in church has stopped smoking. Or at least stopped lighting up as soon as he steps out the door after mass.


  2. OK, I will force myself to read the entire article, and not just the first page. But so far, I’m hugely irritated by both the clickbait headline and the clickbait first paragraphs. And, I see no control whatsoever. Every behavior described is surely engaged in by men (yelling at associates in law firms, changing assignments at the last minute, trying to figure out ways to fire someone who is pregnant, . . . .). Data suggests that women in positions of power are more likely to identify female talent/promote female/give credit/ . . . .

    Kazhan throws in comments like “Rudman says that in general, research shows men are more biased against women at work than women themselves are. “, but the overall effect of the article will be dominated by the anecdotes of bad behavior by women (while the equally bad behavior by men is missing).

    I am frustrated by the success of feature articles like this one (and, for example, Bazelon’s work in the NY Times on the guilty plea of a young white woman and prosecutorial misconduct) compared to more balanced and factual approaches, the more old-fashioned style of journalism.

    It’s modern yellow journalism (which is a good reminder that it is not a new phenomenon).


  3. Given how little your typical 90-something eats, 4 cocktails is a lot.

    (I’m going off of my grandparents, who are 90-somethings and eat like birds.)


  4. If there was anything interesting about the ‘women bosses suck’ article, it was that women bosses are worse where there are very few women, but not where they’re equally represented.

    I also liked the note that people report disliking working for women generally, but that when you ask them about their own particular boss, they don’t dislike women more than men, which suggests that it’s more a stereotype and less a reaction to actual disproportionate bad behavior from individual women.

    But mostly, the framing of the article was just annoying. It’s not as if the conclusions were all that problematic, but it was still hard to come away with it without a general impression that women in positions of power are generally recognized to be terrible.


    1. My first boss in a real job was a woman. Every day she would order a large cup of coffee and ask for it to be in two cups so she didn’t burn her hands carrying it (cardboard sleeves weren’t discovered by Ohioans until this century). Then she’d pour half the coffee into the second cup and fill both cups with milk.

      I’m not sure what that has to do with her ability as a boss, which was generally very high. It’s a bit unnerving to learn that the baby she took time off to have is now a college junior.


      1. I have her email, so I could ask her why she did that (my guess: one coffee is cheaper than two lattes), but she still lives in Ohio so she’s probably moved on to elephant tranquilizers.


  5. I have had mostly women bosses until the past few years. I have tended to avoid having male bosses and have gravitated towards jobs with female bosses. However, this year I happen to have what I jokingly call 4 bosses, all male. (2 of them are co-program leads, and they wouldn’t consider themselves my bosses, but they do make decisions about a program I teach in, so they have power in that way.) But for the past 3 years, I’ve been mainly answering to two men: my chair, who replaced a much-loved longtime female chair who retired; and an assistant dean who also oversees the honors program that I now run. They are both younger than I am, and they have wives who work full-time and elementary-aged kids. (Interestingly, they both have children with Aspergers, too.) And both of them are terrific people/bosses. So I am no longer biased against male bosses. 🙂


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