One Disaster Narrowly Avoided, but the Crazy Train Keeps Chugging Along

Alright, I take back all the venom that I spouted in McCain’s general direction yesterday. He redeemed himself.

But we have a president and his staff in a feud that’s ugly and undignified. Part of me likes that Trump is distracted by the knives in his back, but part of me is just embarrassed that our country is led by clowns. ICYMI, this article by Ryan Lizza is a MUST READ. So is David Remnick’s article.

The president is on his way to NYC to give a speech. I have CNN buzzing in the background, as I pack up Jonah for his two-week Outward Bound trip. Normal life must go on after all, even though our democracy is crumbling around us.


21 thoughts on “One Disaster Narrowly Avoided, but the Crazy Train Keeps Chugging Along

  1. Is Trump afraid to touch little kids? Is that because of germs or more similar to why Voldemort couldn’t touch Harry Potter?

    (In reference to the video on your twitter bar)


  2. I’m trying pretty hard to stop staring at the train wreck and think about policies and trying to understand the policy issues of people who disagree with me. Some questions are ideological for me — opposing discrimination, supporting inclusiveness, women’s autonomy over their bodies, speech and press free from government suppression, freedom of religion, voter rights, . . . . But how to provide health care most effectively? Lots of room for negotiation, if we can agree on desirable outcomes.

    McCain will diminish my opprobrium if he starts working with his colleagues on solutions, both Democrats and Republicans. I think there are Democrats willing to work with Republicans on health care solutions, including ones who aren’t merely looking for talking points (for example, the number of people insured is an insufficient end point. We have to be talking about health care delivery). I may be wrong about Democrats, but someone has to try.


  3. I really really don’t understand Twitter.

    Is there a trick I don’t understand? Do I need to take an online twitter class? I tried going to Jonah Goldberg’s twitter page, and the pinned post is

    Jonah Goldberg‏Verified account @JonahNRO Jun 19

    Jonah Goldberg Retweeted Debra Fehr Heindel
    No, I haven’t. The times have.”

    Am I supposed to be able to understand that? Clearly I’m just not getting twitter, which looks to me like watching some kind of set of stimuli I’d have used in experiments, without no relationship or information to one another.


      1. I don’t read Twitter for conversations. I read it for news and for watching tv shows with other people. 🙂


    1. I think Kevin Drum totally had Twitter’s number. I never tweet anything myself and seldom look at anything anybody posts.

      I don’t think I miss out on much. Anything worthwhile that shows up on Twitter will eventually be repeated somewhere else anyway. And if you don’t have what it takes in the ideas and willpower department to write long form then the odds are good that you aren’t really saying anything that is all that interesting. Life is too short to pay attention to anyone who only has 140 characters worth of something to say about anything and/or thinks that their opinion is so timely that they can’t be bothered to think about something long enough to write cogently.


  4. I do not enjoy political theater, and it seems like that’s all we have now. I read Mankiw’s columns this morning, as an antidote.


  5. I’m listening to a podcast about Buddy Cianci and organized crime in Providence. The characters interviewed/presented on the podcast remind me a lot of our current administration, except the mafia bosses are far more professional than Trump. Trump’s is sort of on par with a mid-level hitman.


    1. And people *loved* Cianci. He almost won re-election as mayor in 2014! This is the GOP candidate’s (Cianci ran as an Independent) perspective on Cianci vs. Jorge Elorza, the eventual winner:
      “While we [he and Elorza] have many policy differences, I do not fear that an Elorza mayoral administration will make Providence the laughing stock of the nation.”
      Sound familiar?


  6. Another week like this one and even racists are going to find it hard to believe that white men are in charge of so many things because of merit.


  7. The Mooch has already resigned. I guess that greatly overestimating Bannon’s flexibility is the 3rd Rail of the Trump administration.


  8. I wonder if Kelly didn’t demand both the firing of the Mooch and some kind of No-Surprise-Tweeting promise from Trump before he took the job.


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