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I have a blog post in my back pocket about the reaction to my last article for the Atlantic. It will have remain back there for another day or two, because I’m flat out exhausted. I’m juggling mulitple writing gigs and the mom stuff, which includes graduation, prom, prom house, 8th grade class 3-day trip to DC (Steve’s going), 20-year anniversary, Jonah’s 18 year birthday, graduation party, Ian’s summer schedule, and college course selection. We still don’t have anybody helping us clean the house or mow the lawn either.

Yesterday, I sat on the sofa and read a trashy book all day, because I needed to shut down.    So, nothing but girlie-ness on Apt. 11D today.

I need dresses for several events in June and July, so here are a few of the options: this, this, this, and this. And new shoes – comfortable with a retro vibe.

I’ve been shopping. Oh yes, I have. Want to know what else? Jonah’s birthday and graduation is coming up. He asked for a gold cross and chain for his birthday. I was a little shocked by that request, but he says it’s a very preppy item right now. He needs a new laptop for college. I’ve got a few other little things for him, like this environmental bracelet and a Japanese watch that he heard about on Reddit.

Okay, who loved Pippa Middleton’s wedding dress? I did. And Kate’s dress totally sucked.

And let’s talk about Ivanka and Melania’s clothes on the Mid-East tour. Other than the gold-belt fiasco, Melania looked just like a military leader of a small South American country, which is actually a really good look for her. I’m not judging. Other than Ivanka’s sad hair, she rocked a series of dresses with large flowers.

And I got a haircut, too.

Photo on 5-23-17 at 5.02 PM

14 thoughts on “SL 690 – Only Girlie Stuff

  1. I kind of like the safari dress (and even the gold-belted thing), but don’t care for the rest of Melania’s belted outfits.

    When I was a young lass, I was once told not to cinch myself like a pack horse, and I think that’s the problem with those belted dresses. I wonder if she wouldn’t look better in something a little more like this:

    I’m not endorsing the dress as First Lady wear, but I think the lines and the more subtle belting would be very good on Melania.

    Here’s a thought–she wears a lot of very 80s feeling outfits. I wonder if that isn’t the Donald’s preference? That was his heyday, after all.

    I actually like the gold-belted outfit a lot better than the red monochromatic outfit that makes her look like Queen Amidala’s evil stepmother.


    1. Yeah, I agree. The gold belt look was not something I’d wear in a million years but it worked on Melania in that specific context. I also liked the safari look, but I am a total sucker for khaki and olive anything that looks vaguely military/safari.

      The red dress was hideous, especially pared with the red gloves, and I say this as someone who loves red and is not afraid to wear head to to red. The gloves I think are what really tipped it into Red Queen horror territory.


  2. Kate looked great in a boring but absolutely perfect bridesmaids dress – no attention whatsoever drawn from the bride herself. I loved those pictures of her with the kids and tending to Pippa’s train – no “I’m a future queen” attitude there. Pippa’s gown was lovely.

    If you’re asking, I like options 2 and 3 (the black lace) on the dresses.

    I have an interview tomorrow for an admin position that lasts from 8:15 to 4, with six separate individuals/groups. Insane. I’m not even sure if I want it. Hence, commenting on dresses rather than adding to my notes.


  3. I like 3 & 4, but I don’t like daytime black dresses, and, annoyingly always seem to like the most expensive items. And I like to dream that I can tell the quality, but I suspect that it’s really that the more expensive items are photographed and styled.


    1. bj said:

      “I like 3 & 4, but I don’t like daytime black dresses, and, annoyingly always seem to like the most expensive items. And I like to dream that I can tell the quality, but I suspect that it’s really that the more expensive items are photographed and styled.”

      I read somewhere that part of the difference is that higher quality items have better linings and hence have a more graceful drape. (I think I was reading this in a plug for Spanx–the writer was saying that Spanx help cheaper garments look like more expensive ones.)

      Daytime black is kind of a thing in Saudi Arabia for women’s clothing.


    2. I thought Melania’s white inauguration gown was very nice. I also suspect that I’d never like full length dresses, with wrist length sleeves, especially in black.


      1. To be fair, it’s tough to look nice in January in DC at an outdoor event without courting hypothermia.


      2. Well, if you are visiting Saudi Arabia, or if you are an Orthodox Jew, you don’t have much choice. (Technically, Orthodox women are only required to wear skirts below the knee.)


  4. I took two lovely dresses to the graduation in PA last week and it was outdoors in 50 degrees and raining, so I ended up wearing pants and layers. Others, more fearless than I, wore sleeveless dresses and heels.
    I liked the more colorful dresses among your choices.
    And I’m supposed to be doing a course review, hence reading and commenting.


  5. I prefer mysteries to trashy books, and am reading As Chimney Sweepers Come to Dust (in the Flavia de Luce series) as my post-semester treat.


  6. I probably also liked 2 and 3 the best, and 3 was my favorite. I’d probably go with the navy, but the gray was nice if you need something more obviously daytime.


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