SL 681

Sad news about Carrie Fisher.

Do you like maps? I do! Do you like TV shows? I do! Here’s 50 of ’em for ya.

Jeremy S. sent me a link to Ross Douthat’s booklist for the Trump Era. Some I’ve read. Some I need to read. Douthat mentions a book by Mark Lilla. We never discussed Lilla’s November article for the NYT. (More here.) Note to self – write about Lilla.

So, I’ve been away from social media and newspapers for three days. We’ve been entaining in-laws and extended family for many days. Now that everyone has left, I am swimming in fun stuff right now with CNN blasting in the background. I’m in information heaven.

6 thoughts on “SL 681

  1. P.S. I should say, I’ve read some of the books discussed by Douthat. I haven’t read any of the six that constitute his final recommendations. Maybe I should, but my next project is the French Revolution; contemporary politics will have to sort itself out without me.


      1. Glad you liked it!

        Discworld may not be for you.

        This year was a little short on histories for me, except for one about Fascist Italy. Zeitgeist, I suppose.


  2. 50 tv shows I’ve never watched. Wait, I’ve watched maybe 5 of them. Most frequently, Law and Order: Elevator Inspectors Unit.

    I do not understand why Antiques Roadshow does not appear on the list. Well, ok, maybe we aren’t typical…there is no justice.


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