Detained and Derailed

I’ve been away from the computer for nearly a week. My cousin got married over the weekend. The week before, I was hunting down a black dress for myself, because evening weddings in New York City require black dresses, and a new jacket for Jonah. I borrowed a niece for a girlie day at a nail salon.

The wedding was lovely. Although the four of us are pale and pasty, the extended family isn’t. So, the wedding was a multi-ethnic affair. Indians in swirling saris. Brazilians somehow communicating in Portuguese with Puerto Ricans. It was super fun. The festivities continued for two days with a barbecue at our house for 17 people.

We’re all a bit tired now. I need to catch up on the laundry, so we can pack for our college tours. We leave first thing Saturday morning. But before I do that, I have to recover. I plan to sit very still for the next few hours, before I have to pick up Ian from camp, and just blog.

Let’s talk about the Republican Convention. (Give me a few minutes to write something.)

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