Before and After

These two pictures are currently on my Facebook page. The first one is from seven years ago, and Facebook uses their “You’reFuckingOld” app to show you pictures from when you were ten pounds skinnier. The second one is on Steve’s page with a tag to me. The boys went on a bike trip this weekend.


2 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Older is of the age that has classmates and friends (and their parents) posting pictures with learners’ permits. Your picture is one more reminder of quickly they grow up. I have been steeped in nostalgia for nearly the last year. I wonder if it will get worse or better as the things I see coming actually just happen (i.e. driving, spending the summer away, college visits, going off to college, . . . .)


  2. Nostalgia induced me to go back 7 years on your blog. 7 years ago, you were talking about the fantasy of moving to upstate NY :-). I love being able to step back and see the little world as it was then.


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