On the Road

We’re on the highway for a day trip to  New Paltz, NY.

I’m blogging on my cell phone with the WordPress app. They are going to be errors. It will be impossible to tighten sentences or edit. But maybe that’s good. Jack Kerorac wrote On the Road by taping together sheets of paper and feeding that roll through his typewriter. It’s the muscle through a first draft method of writing. My writing has been a little cramped lately. I think I need the freedom to suck and to ramble. 

Today’s plan is to check out SUNY New Paltz. There are no formal tours because it’s Memorial Day holiday, but we’ll walk around and check things out. 

New Paltz has a cool artsy vibe that I think Jonah would like. The College used to be artsy and druggie. I think it’s much harder to get into, so the potheads are gone, but I’m not sure. I need to figure this out. I would rather not send Jonah to college, and he become the Bong Master of Alpha Beta Kappa. 

After that we’ll go to one of the earthy crunchy restaurants in town for some black bean soup and bean sprouts. 

Then we’ll drive to the other side of the Hudson to check out FDR’s Hyde Park. Steve and Jonah will get their national park passports stamped. I’ve got a sketchbook and a camera for the Hudson River views. 

I was in New York City yesterday. Twice. I went in the morning for brunch with my cousin. Then went back again in the evening for a dinner date with friends in the Meat Packing District.

I fell in love with NYC during the 80s, in its Desperately Seeking Susan years. I miss that city. I have no interest in the rich brats who I saw last night. 

Almost there. More writing later. 

7 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. I liked New Palz and so did Matan. We went to see it based on a recommendation from a friend from East Brunswick. But Matan’s priorities included wrestling, so that wasn’t the school for him. (He chose Ursinus — good for someone who wants a small school, intense classes and good merit money, plus a significant number of student athletes, DIII).


    1. My BIL graduated from New Paltz in 95 or so. My sister met him there but she didn’t graduate from New Paltz because she transferred to Queens College to be closer to home and because she decided to go into accounting.

      My mom went to New Paltz for a year or two then, family legend goes, she and her best friend transferred to UFlorida where either my mother or her best friend dated Steve Spurrier. Neither my mom nor her best friend graduated from New Paltz or UF.


  2. the Bong Master of Alpha Beta Kappa

    As long as it’s a leadership role, I don’t think the specifics matter.


  3. Check colleges schedules when planning visits. The presence of “real” students can make a huge difference in how a campus feels. For us that just meant the kids needed to see their favorites with enrolled students before making final decisions.

    The Insider’s Guide to Colleges and The Princeton Review have “top 10” lists of college attributes, such as most preppy, most hippy, etc. College Prowler does some of the same, but I know my kids’ college counselors hated that site, and regarded it as really misleading.

    I wouldn’t assume that higher selectivity goes hand in hand with a lack of potheads. Every college has its own culture. The drinking age has led many high school students to experiment with substances other than alcohol. Some of the Princeton Review lists:

    Don’t Inhale
    Got Milk?
    Lots of Beer
    Lots of Greek Life
    Lots of Hard Liquor
    Reefer Madness
    Scotch and Soda, Hold the Scotch

    The problem with a campus with many pot smokers is that other students in the dorm are subjected to smoke and the smell of pot. Alcohol has its own problems. Alcohol causes a lot of problems.


  4. I was in NYC on Monday and Tuesday doing Touristy stuff with my family. You know, I loved Madonna & watched DSS (and really liked Rosanna Arquette too) back in the 80s, but I didn’t know the U.S. back then, so I couldn’t even remember DSS took place in NYC. Should I watch again? It’s probably very dated… sigh… Ah, the 80s!


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