The Three Month Plan

I have two more Atlantic article in the works before the summer hiatus — one comes out tomorrow, the other is in progress. I’m nearly done looking at new schools for Ian. I’m nearly done getting Jonah through an intense Junior year. I’m nearly done with chauffeuring to keyboard practice, track practice, drum practice, drama class, Kumon, yoga-social skills, and everything.

Nearly done with so much, and it’s so, so necessary. I’m badly need of a change in the routine.

Jonah’s college tours are in the hopper for the summer. We’re going to meander through the state colleges in the nearby states with built-in adventures. I do need to map out our route. I probably should turn the experience into an article. Sigh. Maybe I’ll skip it.

I need a new challenge. Maybe a book proposal. But first, I need a rest. And a return to good, old-fashioned blogging.

10 thoughts on “The Three Month Plan

    1. UMass is the one place my daughter does not want to go. Too many people she knows.

      We do not have a college tour plan yet because my daughter refuses to name any colleges she wants to look at. *sigh* My 18 year old twin cousins from Brooklyn just made their choices: Bingo for one, Boston U for the other.

      Did Jonah get his driver’s license? S getting hers has changed my life.


    1. I went to the woods for three days and didn’t die. Apparently it takes four days or more to have that whole “profound connection with nature” shit happen. Anyway, Penn State is out of state tuition for you and the epitome of the evil that college sports can bring, but it is very conveniently located to forests with natural springs.


      1. I used to go camping all the time when I was a Girl Scout. Never saw a bear. I am thinking that tween girls make for excellent bear repellent, because bears are not stupid.


      2. I wasn’t really worried about dying of bear (though I did hang up my food away from my tent). Somebody had to remind me about that woman who died hiking in Maine after she lost the trail. I always took a compass bearing before going off the trail.


  1. Hello everyone! My oldest is headed to Temple Honors College in the fall. I think I mentioned this several years ago–they have great entirely automatic merit scholarships up to 100% in tuition, both out of state and in-state, based entirely on SAT and GPA. I think they’ve been undervalued for years, partly because of where they are located (but now that the area is improving it’s turned in to an asset–especially for kids like my oldest who want to be in a city), and lately their fortunes have been on the considerable upswing in the hated U.S. News and World Report etc. They even beat Penn State in football this year. Honors colleges inside bigger public universities are also a great thing, and give a little bit of the smaller university feel.


    1. Fair warning. I attended the honors program of a large public university on full scholarship and look how I turned out.


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