Is Summer Too Long?

President Obama, education experts, and dual income parents think that 12 weeks of summer is too long. I wrote about that last week.

5 thoughts on “Is Summer Too Long?

  1. I live in the SF Bay Area. My child goes to public elementary school, and I teach at a private school at a different county than where I live. Honestly I didn’t think there were 12 weeks of summer break anymore. My child gets 9, and I get 8.5. I always balk when people tell me how lucky I am to get three months off because I don’t. Not only that, I’m still at school (this summer at least once a week to clean and fix up the maker lab), taking courses for PD, and planning and trying out new lessons. I’m grateful for my time off (I know must folks are lucky to get two weeks) but in some ways, it’s not really truly as much time off as people think.


  2. I’m so happy that Autistic Youngest is in her last year of high school because we’ll finally start aligning our schedules at home. She plans to attend my U starting in the fall so while she’ll have even more time off, at least we won’t be working from different schedules. That said, the long summer break and the early dismissal of every school day are both out of sync with modern life and should be re-examined.


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