Rush Limbaugh on Trump

Gotta read this Conor Friedersdorf article on Donald Trump.

I rarely agree with Limbaugh. But I think he was right when he said about Trump: “There’s a percentage of the population that is totally fed up with the political class, including the media.  And they have wanted things said to people and about people… for years and they haven’t heard it.  I mean, the media is not loved.  The media in some cases is despised, and Trump is giving it right back to ’em in ways that many people in this country have dreamed of happening.”

“As such,” the radio star said of the former NBC host, “he comes off as refreshing. Even when he’s not on message, or not on issues, he comes across as somebody that says things they would like to say … things they have hoped others would say … I don’t think a lot of these big players, including in the media, have any idea who their audiences are … I don’t think they have the slightest idea the size of and the amount of real anger directed at them … It goes so far beyond the fact that they’re biased.”

8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh on Trump

  1. I just do not get how Rush Limbaugh is somehow not part of “the media.” Fox News suddenly *is* “the media,” but he isn’t? What does someone in the media have to do to avoid being part of the media?


  2. Also, somehow Trump himself, who runs and stars in a reality tv show, is not “media.” He’s presenting a certain vision of what it means to work hard and to deserve a job. He’s not just an “actor,” so what is he?

    I just do not get how you can be mad at “the media” when there is so much “media” these days, between different news stations and everyone on the internet, from more traditional news web sites to twitter. How do people expect to get information without “the media”? Do they think there is some magical way for them to have direct access to every piece of information they might find relevant, from immigration in the EU to Chinese economics, and make determinations about its reliability? Are people so convinced of the irrelevance of professionals (as has certainly happened with teachers and scientists) that they expect to “be” their own media?

    Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable, so I never watch those nonending news shows, but I’m grateful for journalists, from NPR to the PBS news hour to the local journalists for my tiny hometown newspaper who get to the bottom of whether we can recycle glass or not.


    1. I can totally related to being an angry white man. I resent the implication that makes me more likely to vote for Trump.


      1. But do you relate to being an angry white working class married person? Those are the Trump supporters.

        (In my experience, bolstered by a superficial study of various polls, the gender divide is solely among unmarried women.)


      2. I don’t count as a “worker” the way those things are usually figured but I am married.

        And the gender divide isn’t solely among unmarried women, it’s just that married women are still more likely to vote Republican than Democrat. But married women are still noticeably less Republican than married men. I’m going to go out on a limb and figure that gap is going to be larger for Trump than it was for Romney in 2012.


    2. Thanks for that link, bj. We’re at the beach this week. I’ll b back on Saturday. In the meantime, I need to find more dun screen. I’m getting seriously crispy.


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