SL 665

Light fixture. Mohonk.
Light fixture. Mohonk.

I am very concerned about Kylie Jenner. And marveling at Ben Affleck. Have we entered a new era of superly gross Hollywood stars or do we just have been media reportage?

What would David Foster Wallace have thought about the selfie stick?

Where is Virginia Dare?

I’m not really sure that there is a REAL teacher shortage. There’s a shortage in places that people don’t want to work.

Smartest idea ever. Public colleges create honors programs and steal the smart kids away from the Ivies.

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  1. University of Pittsburgh’s Honors College has produced more Rhodes and Marshall Scholars than any other school — public or private (looking at you, Penn, Swarthmore, Haverford) — in the state of Pennsylvania. Honors Colleges are great choices for budget-conscious parents of high-achieving students. If your intellectually curious kid is one among many, s/he might get overlooked and/or stressed about the competition, but at an honors college s/he stands a change of being a big frog in a small pond and have a slew of advisors looking out for research and other opportunities for him or her. I’m a fan.


    1. I watched the low-speed OJ chase with one of their graduates while at a party in the apartment of the girlfriend of another.


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