Minutes Before Mohonk


We have to take off for Mohonk Mountain in about 35 minutes. Of course, we left the packing until this morning. Of course. Because we HAD to watch the Republican debate and the Daily Show Finale last night. HAD to.

We’re heading to Mohonk Mountain to celebrate my 50th birthday. We went there when I turned 40, and it’s now a tradition. I think twice makes a tradition, don’t you?

Mohonk is a throw back to 19th century Robber Barons and all. I think Grover Cleveland slept there. It keeps the old ethic of healthy, vigorous living. So, it’s low on technology and big on bracing swims in a cold mountain lake. And there’s really good food. Formalwear must be worn for dinner at this place, so Steve ran out to Macy’s last night to get himself a new jacket. I have a suitable preppy dress to wear.

July didn’t feel like summer. Jonah had SAT classes, driving lessons, track practice, and an online finance class. It felt the regular school year. Well, we’re slowly saying “fuck it” to everything, and now summer is here. Summer means “fuck it.” So, we’re drinking at a tiki bar on the beach at 12 in the afternoon. We’re dumping the kids with my parents for some preppy cocktails. We’re playing drums loudly.

How great was the Republican debate last night? And Jon Stewart’s finale

Bruce is on the stereo. Sneakers and random t-shirts are being thrown into a suitcase. Hopefully, things will match. If not, eh. It’s summer. So, fuck it.

2 thoughts on “Minutes Before Mohonk

  1. Mohonk! I had vague plans to go there when we lived in Toronto but never made it. I hear that Migis in Maine is gorgeous too. We’re doing our own lake cottage-y living this month as well. Water skiing, wake-boarding, swimming. Lots of reading and hanging out. No screens!

    Have a wonderful time and happy birthday!

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  2. Happy birthday! I turned 50 in May and the summer has been a non-stop (or at least recurring) series of celebrations with various friends and family. Not a bad way to start the next decade. The Mohonk place looks lovely. Have fun!


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