The Trump Show and Good-bye to Jon

Oh, there’s going to be fun TV viewing tonight. And tweeting, I’m sure.

First up is the Trump Show at 9. And then later it’s Jon Stewart’s finale.

I have to watch the Stewart finale, because I remember watching his first episode. Steve and I were about the only people who faithfully watched the original Daily Show with Craig Kilborn every night. Stewart’s first episode was so memorable, because he was so, so, so nervous. His guest, that comedienne who originally hosted the Simpsons (forgot her name), patted him maternally on the leg. After the show, we debated whether or not Stewart was up for the job.

3 thoughts on “The Trump Show and Good-bye to Jon

    1. I have a Tracy Ullman story. My dad spent summers working at Customs at JFK in the 90s. One day Tracy Ullman came through his customs station! He was thrilled and told her that he was hoping to meet two people, Cher and Tracy Ullman, that summer. Tracy thought that was hilarious and signed an autograph for him: “One down, Cher to go!”

      I didn’t watch either the debate or Jon’s last ep (I’m still on an early sleep schedule from the Ireland trip and fall asleep by 10). What do I need to know about the debate? My libertarian cousin said that the only ones who came across ok to him were Bush, Kasich, Paul, and (ugh) Carson.


  1. As a non-libertarian Democrat, I was most impressed by Christie and Rubio. Kasich was good except for his pandering to Trump. Bush was fine. Paul was fine. The moderators were very good, up until the last 15 minutes.

    I don’t have cable at home so have watched almost no Jon Stewart shows over the years – just read about highlights and seen some good clips. But I think now it might have been worth the extra several thousand dollars to be able to see him and Colbert on a regular basis. I watched the show last night (on vacation) and felt sorry for the people who, when given the opportunity to dance to Born to Run with Springsteen playing it for them, right there, instead got out their phones.


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