SL 641

If this story about Witness #40, I’m going to lose my mind.

An old, but true, story about a rape in a fraternity at UVa.

People are going to lose their jobs over this leak at Sony. I’m semi-amused about the comments about Angelina Jolie. Everything else is horrific.

I’m heading out to the mall for Christmas gifts. Two tips — LL Bean’s centerpieces (with free shipping) are a good deal for the far-away aunties. These potted Christmas flowers from IKEA make great hostess presents.

2 thoughts on “SL 641

  1. What a horrible U.Va. story. But it is consistent with something I quoted before, that gang rapes of conscious women are close to non-existent on campus (maybe elsewhere); unambiguous rapes involve either gang rapes of unconscious women, or violent rapes by a single male. I’m not suggesting that one of these things is better or worse than another, just pointing out the typical pattern of these episodes.


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