End of the Year Obits

It's an end-of-year ritual to remember the people who have died throughout the year. It's corny, but I always read those articles particularly when they are accompanied by a black and white photo of the individuals in their early days full of arrogance and strength. 

Two women artists recently died. 


I've always been fascinated with Eva Zeisel. I love, love, love her pottery. Her Town and Country salt and pepper shakers are fantastic. I also like that she was so active in her older years. She lived in this area and travelled back and forth to her studio at Columbia. 


Helen Frankenthaler also passed away. The year that I worked at a small museum in Chicago, I spent some time looking at a painting of hers. (There was also a Chamberlain piece in the lobby.) Throughout her career, there were always snotty comments about the fact that she came from a wealthy family and married a prominent artist. 


18. Helen Frankenthaler



One thought on “End of the Year Obits

  1. Did you see the American Experience episode on Charles and Ray Eames? I PVR’d before the holidays and watched it last night. Fascinating clips from interviews of the two on tv at the time where the woman interviewer struggled to understand that they were equal partners in the work – even when Charles continued to reiterate that fact.
    It reminded me again of how the work of female artists has been filtered through the culture of the time and often made invisible despite the reality.

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